One of the fundamental classes. A Halfling combines the deadly combat skills of the Fighter, the hardiness of a Dwarf, and the sneakiness of a Thief into a single dangerous package. Though Halflings make excellent adventurers, history (at least as written by the other races) records very little about their peoples' accomplishments, and they do not figure prominently in the epic tales—an oversight many Halflings are keen to correct.

In the Black Peaks

The Halflings are the peasants in this part of the world, living in the river valleys between the Black Peaks and Specularum. For generations they were oppressed by the Dragon Army; now they are the serfs of Lord Stefan and his vassals. Certain Halflings have tried to throw off their overlords; Cardinal Ludwig has been particularly harsh in putting down such rebellions.

In Glantri

Halflings are a reclusive, sylvan folk. A handful of halfling villages nestle in isolated valleys and farmsteads far removed from the dwellings of men. In recent years, these hidden dwellings have suffered at the hands of bandits and others set adrift by the chaos of the civil war. Some halflings thus affected have joined human settlements or taken to the road, seeking to command their own fortune in a topsy-turvy world.


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