Player naked_samurai
Class Fighter 1
Title Veteran
Alignment Chaotic
Special Languages (Common, Orcish, ?)
Strength 13 (+1 to hit, damage, open doors)
Intelligence 15 (+1 additional language)
Wisdom 11
Dexterity 16 (+2 on "to hit" rolls; +1 to initiative; -2 bonus to armor class)
Constitution 7 (-1 hit points per die)
Charisma 6 (-1 reaction adjustment; max. 3 retainers; 6 morale)
Armor Class 3
Hit Points 7
Special Ability
Finishing Move: When her blade leaves a foe on the edge of death, she thrusts deeper to finish them off, though this leaves her overextended.

From a distant land, dirt-encrusted, impetuous, Ha'lafa is after something buried within the Chateau d'Ambreville. She says it has to do with her patrimony, but who cares about that kind of stuff? Halting and rude, her skin dark and her hair chopped with a knife, she doesn't seem to spend much time talking about anything else. Not so much taciturn; she's more bewildered by the people around her.

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