Player Zapicm
Class Fighter 1
Title Wanderer
XP 1050 xp
GP -60 gp (Snickwick)
Alignment Neutral
Special Loves dogs
Strength 18 (+3 to hit and damage, and opening doors)
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 11
Dexterity 15 (+1 to hit missile, -1 AC, +1 initiative)
Constitution 12
Charisma 8 (-1 reaction adjustment; max. 3 retainers; 6 morale)
Armor Class 1
Hit Points 8
Special Ability
Quick draw: Groo can change weapon configuration in combat with no penalties
Noteworthy Possessions
Plate mail, shield, sword, polearm, battle axe, mace, sling with stones, dagger, spear, 2 flask of oil, rope, 4 torches, lantern, backpack, small sack, standard rations (5 days)

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