The Grey Company

Active Members of the Grey Company (alphabetical order) (incomplete)

Trying to list the "primary character" of every player, where the character in question has survived at least 2 sessions (10% of our total). If you're not listed here, it's because James, who started the list, has a bad memory and didn't attend every session.

Name Class Level Race Alignment Player
Sir Argus the Rat-Knight Fighting Man 3 Human Neutral Sternum (Josh)
Arnold "Zolobachai" Littleworth Magic-User 4 Human Neutral James_Nostack (James)
Chrystos Salamander-Slayer Assassin 6 Elf Chaotic ChrisNew (Chris)
Colin Tree-Slayer Fighting Dwarf 4 Dwarf Lawful LittleIdiot (Doug)
Doghead Magic-User 4 Human Neutral? Forager23 (Jon)
John Fighter Fighting Man 5 Human Lawful Invincible Overlord (Adrian)
Emurak Fighter/Mage/Thief ??? Elf ??? ? (Karoum)
Fostra Archer 3 Elf ?? ? (Robert)
Jarri Stonebeard (Fighting Man) 6 Dwarf Chaotic Eric G
Lotur the Scurrying Cur Fighting Man 5 Human Chaotic? Greengoat (Chris)
Lucky Archer 6 Hobbit Neutral Quendalon (Eric)
Lydio the Spider-Dwarf Magic-User 3 Dwarf ?? Weisserose (Lisa)
Maldoor Twice-Shy Magic-User 5 Human Lawful? Oban (Thaddeus)
Edward Nathan Lightenment Cleric 5 Human Chaotic foner (Carl)
Narcissus Magic-User 3 Elf Chaotic ? (Ed)
Obscura Illusionist 5 Human? Chaotic ? (Mike)
Ookla the Mok Ranger 6 Elf Chaotic FlyingAce (David)
Thisilyn Bard 3 Human Neutral? ? (Maggie)

Wow, we need some high-level Clerics in this mother. Or do we? After all, some of the "secondary characters" are clerics, such as the mighty Caswyn of Apollo.

Notable Shared Resources of the Grey Company (incomplete)

  • The storied communal spell-book of the Grey Company mages
  • Druidic Amulet (possibly non-magical)
  • Rope, in apparently infinite quantities due to a magical brooch (held by John Fighter)
  • 4 potions of undead control
  • Ring of Water Walking
  • 2 Rings of Controlling the gates in Tizun Thane's house
  • Ring of Fire Resistance (carried by Obscura)
  • Wand of Paralyzation (a new one)
  • Wand of Fire (purchased by Darwin, Obscura, and Jari)
  • Scroll: Hold Person (c), Sleep, Excruciating cauterization,Fireball
  • Scroll: Fly, Anti-Magic Shell, maze
  • Scroll: Delayed Blast Fireball, aMonster Summoning VI
  • Scroll: The Finger of Death, Power Word: Blind
  • Scroll: cure light wounds (c), Obscure Objuect (c), Neutralize poison (c), creeping doom (c), Bigby's Interposing Hand, Dar-Thom's Doomlight Spell
  • Scroll: Speak with Animals (c), Cure Serious Wounds (c), Pro. from Evil 10'r (c), Remove Curse
  • Scroll: Blade Barrier (c), telekinesei, Project Image, Power Word: Stun, Mass Charm
  • Prayer Book: Transmute Metal to Wood, Symbol
  • Prayer Book: Find the Path
  • Wand of Magic Missiles
  • Wand of Paralyzation
  • Wand of Wonder (unpredictable magic effects, generally harmful to target)
  • Two bags of holding (lost to Anubis)
  • Frying Pan : (
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