Great School Of Magic

The black stone gables of the Great School of Magic form an unmistakable landmark in Glantri City. Merchants, nobles and governments across the known world pay exorbitant sums to send students here to learn the intricacies of spellcraft. Here, too, the scions of the Wizard-Princes come to learn the secret crafts of Glantri, magics which are never taught to outsiders.

The teachers at the Great School are masters of their craft. What they are not is battle-mages or adventurers; their arts are primarily theoretical in nature, and they are sworn to take no part in the political strife between rival Princes. Should Darokin bring war to Glantri City, they will put their power at the disposal of the Princes; until then, they do not risk their lives and lore on bandit skirmishes or ill-advised adventures in underground lairs.

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