Gourd Lantern Day

Gourd-Lantern Day is an official holiday celebrated in Glantri City and immediate environs. It is typically celebrated on a date derived from a complex Old-Glantrian lunar calendar, and so has no fixed yearly date within the standard calendar.

Gourd-Lantern Day Activities

  • Lanterns made from hollowed out gourds are set open the parapets and porches of the Glantrian noble homes and to a lesser degree, all other homes and establishments in Glantri City. The lanterns are placed as light sources to aid the defense of the home when properties are beset by Gourd-Lantern Day raiders. Typically, house goblins carve runes of warding and fierce faces upon the gourds to aid them in their defensive struggles through out the night.
  • Noble families will place large baskets of expensive edible goods next to the main entrances of their homes, wrapped in expensive cloth, and littered with costly trinkets. The baskets of food and sundries represents the wealth of the family and is set out for friendly visitors to the noble house on Gourd-Lantern Day. In practice, friendly visitors are very rare on Gourd-Lantern Day, and the baskets are placed at the main door of the house simply to entice Gourd-Lantern Day raiders. The amount of goods and size of baskets set out is commensurate with the wealth of the family. Even the lowest class abodes will have some semblance of stealable goods laid out before their entrance, even if it is a single piece of candy wrapped in paper.
  • Usually all of a house's members will don fanciful costumes representing legendary heroes or villains and guard their basket of goods over the Gourd-Lantern Day night. House-goblins and servants will usually be equipped with gay pennants and caps to show their mandatory house pride. All members involved in guarding the baskets are equipped with freshly sharpened sticks, typically holly for the nobles and pine for the goblins, and a variety of tiny short-bows firing wood arrows.
  • Gourd-Lantern Day raiders made up of nobles that roam the streets and attempt to forcibly take goodie-baskets from rival noble houses. Since theft against a noble family is an affront to good-taste, the raiders must wear masks that conceal their identity. The raiders must fight their way past the porch defenses of the noble house, taking a variety of vicious wooden pokes to reach the baskets. Any noble who is unmasked in the course of the raid must immediately report to the local plaza for apple-bobbing. The size and construction of the Gourd-Lantern Day weapons are inspected continuously by the Marshal of Apples to keep fatalities of the day to a minimum. Offenders in unsportsmanlike weapon construction are also sent to the local plaza for apple-bobbing.
  • Apple-bobbing teams are set up across the city in plazas and commons that have fountains or a place to construct a large tank. Gourd-Lantern Day offenders, particularly unmasked raiders, are lined up and forcibly dunked with a cantilever into the fountains until they can catch an apple in their mouth. It is the noble family's responsibility to pelt apples at their relation to try and hurry the process along but there a frequent cases of drowning or unconsciousness. Many common Glantri citizens associate the gurgling screams of the lashed nobles with their happy local holiday.

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