Gods in Trilemma

Brief comments on deities, spirits, gods, demons, etc., in the context of Michael Prescott's Trilemma Adventures setting.

List of Gods, Spirits, Demons, and So On


A Theology of Sorts

Chains of Heaven implies that in a particular Seree fortress, the magicians of that empire created a sort of black hole, which in addition to trapping matter, also sucked in motes of spiritual/magical energy which, in time, congealed to become gods. The Seree would harvest the gods, or perhaps the divine protoplasm, to create relics, artifacts, ley lines, and so on. Deel, Cicollus, and Panur were all, at one time, trapped at that fortress; all three escaped, and later returned to deal vengeance on the Seree, ultimately destroying their empire.

As Applied to 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

There is no official pantheon of gods, the way the Norse gods or the Roman gods formed a pantheon. There are no recognized spheres of influence, the way Thor is the god of thunder. Instead, it's an animist world: there are lots of spirits, and some of the spirits are highly intelligent, and some of the highly intelligent spirits have agendas we'd recognize as human-like. Deel, Sorg, and Serimet are all creatures of this type. They're celestial, or possibly fiendish, beings, but they're not gods the way they're typically presented in D&D. It's almost easier to think of them as legendary monsters or people, rather than as "gods."

This has some implications for how magic works in the game.

  • Bards pick up a lot of the various knowledge from the classes below, without necessarily systematizing it.
  • Clerics are part of various militant orders of clergy—each of the domains is actually a separate organization or mystery cult.
  • Druids have the most straightforward relationship: they revere and commune with these spirits
  • Sorcerers are the biological descendants of these beings.
  • Rangers learn about how to placate spirits related to the natural world, sort of like druids
  • Paladins are in essence a sub-set of clerics
  • Warlocks have a direct contractual relationship with some of the most powerful of these beings.
  • Wizards seek to understand how these spirits do what they do, and figure out how to pull the strings tying the cosmos together.
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