Goblin Knights

Four young Goblings that Martín has taken into his care. After years of training with the finest warriors, goat-riders and Bossmen in Glantri, these young Goblings have taken up sword and shield at Le Black's side - the first of the Goblin Knights!

Names Beaurice, Dagobert, Frumberta, Pigtail
Employer Martín Le Black
Class Goblin
Level 1
Title Gobling
Alignment unknown
Armor Class 4
Hit Points Varies
Special Abilities
Infravision, Dodge Big 'uns, Quick, Sharpshooter, Hide in the Dark
Black Chain Armor, Shield, Spear, Short Bow, Short Sword, Dagger Riding Goats, Battle Goats, (both w/ saddle & tack)]
Dagobert Stoutest of the group, and presumed leader. 6hp.
Pigtail Wears a dress emblazoned with promotional messaging over his armor. Snakeman Club (2h, 1d8). Short Sword +1. 5hp.
Beaurice Gravely injured in a battle with the Snakemen, Beaurice has lost the use of one arm and walks with a limp. Leather Armor (AC 6/7), short sword (or shield) and riding goat only. 5hp.


Martín Le Black established an orphanage for Goblins in the Low Quarter of Glantri City, donating large sums of money and appointing a former associate as overseer of the facility.

After returning from his adventure to the Isle of Pearl, Martín found the orphanage abandoned, save for 7 frightened Goblings. Martín resolved to reward the pluck and dedication of these rascals, and vowed to take them as his charges. Fearing their vulnerablity to immoral slavers and exchequers, Martín took the young ones north, where the Lawful orcs of the Burning Brand might protect and train them.

The Goblings spent some time with the Orcs of the Burning Brand tribe, where they were trained and equipped (by a Company sponsored Armorer). After learning that nearly half of his 7 orphans had been slain while under the "protection" of the Orcs, Martín revoked his charge to the Orcs (despite their attempts to keep the poor creatures as their servants).

Martín has resolved to take the training of the Goblings under his own watchful eye, along with his trusted sidekick Millipede. The Goblings are currently in residence at the Company Lodge in Malinbois, where Millipede oversees their ongoing training as a new generation of squires, and hopefully someday, Goblin Knights.

Frumberta was slain in combat with trolls near Vulture's Crag.

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