Glantri Treasure

Amelie's Mirror

a magical mirror employed by Gaston d'Ambreville, one of that family's more infamous wizards. According to accounts from Gaston's era, he summoned forth a princess of Hell to possess the body of his bride, Amelie d'Erevan, and trapped Amelie's soul inside the mirror. Gaston then smashed the mirror, trapping Amelie's soul in limbo unless and until the mirror is reassembled. The account implies that before the mirror was broken, it had other powers which might be reawakened if the device can be repaired. Blanchfleur de Marais is interested in procuring the mirror if the Company can recover all of the pieces.

Hammer Of Lilith

A large enchanted hammer etched with the leering face of a female vampire. This weapon was carried by a member of the Black Knives, one of Martin's former lovers. (The players never recorded her name, and the DM has lost the relevant notes.) The hammer provides a +1 bonus in direct illumination, a +2 bonus in shadow and a +3 bonus in total darkness.

Dandelion Mail

A chainmail of moderate enchantment, it sparkles with a shimmering kindness: its wearer falls at the speed of a dandelion seed. For some time worn by Karvenn, it is now possessed by Martin le Black, and it was instrumental in one of his feats of prowess, leaping to the rescue of a goblin compatriot who was being pulled into the mouth of a giant frog.

Items Of Note

These are weapons and other items discovered or retained by the Company of Crossed Swords in their travels.

Aliénor's Emerald Ring
Aliénor's Ruby Ring
Aliénor's Sapphire Ring
Amelie's Mirror, within which was trapped the soul of Amelie d'Erevan
Adironne's Guardian, a defensive short sword
Armor of Rochare de Specularum, platemail
Hilduin's Cube of Power, an artifact of rare force
Dandelion Mail
Diamondheart, a short sword
Dimmerknackt, a dwarven two-handed hammer
Friend of the Perch, platemail
Glass Sword
The Grand Grimoire of Archembault the Archmage
Hammer of Lilith
The Hunter's Cap
Judgement, a greatsword
Sandrophal's Spikestaff
Sheepshead Ring
Silverstrike, a hand axe
Silver Raven, the, a figurine of wondrous power
Sixty-Six Fangs, a short sword
The Spear of Omorose, a spear dedicated to the demigoddess Seff
Theril's Staff
Troglodyte Shield
Yakutz the Bloody, a partisan
Sixty-Six Fangs

The Company traded the Staff of Storms, recovered in the Chateau's Storm Tower, to the House Marais for a magic short sword of +3 enchantment:

Storm-Charged Staff

This oak and copper staff is tipped with a large aquamarine gem. Ranged electrical attacks that would strike the wielder, such as lightning bolt, are drawn harmlessly into the staff. The staff’s wielder and those adjacent to or behind her are protected from the effects of absorbed attacks; those between the wielder and the sources of the attacks are affected normally.

The Company Grimoire

This table summarizes the arcane spells, scrolls, etc. at the disposal of the Company of Crossed Swords.

Adironne's Guardian

Adironne's Guardian is a powerfully enchanted short sword that, rather than augmenting attacks, instead significantly enhances the defensive prowess of the wielder: it lowers the armor class of the wielder by 2, and provides a +2 bonus to saving throws. We may never know who Adironne was, but it can only be assumed that they would have met their demise much sooner without this sword than with it.

Wind's Edge

Discovered in the grip of a living statue beneath Chateau d'Ambreville, this bronze sword was claimed by Martin le Black, who it proceeded to bend to its will. Martin was eventually tricked by his compatriots into the beneficent hands of Matriarch Josephine of the Temple of Trianoma, who broke the blade's hold over him. Whether the sword has been destroyed or merely locked away beneath the Temple is unclear.

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