Glantri Session Summaries

Glantri Adventure Timeline

Year 208

The Ghost Tower

  1. Into the Crypt of Ivernesse
  2. The Goblins of Ivernesse
  3. Sifting Through the Debris
  4. Stone and Blood
  5. In With the New
  6. Striking Gold
  7. Side Trek to Highcliff

The Ruined Vales

  1. Into the Caves of Chaos
  2. The Marsh of Death
  3. The Halls of Wizardry
  4. "Worst Picnic Ever"
  5. The Medusa and the Archmage
  6. Against the Orcs of Quasqueton
  7. Broken Swords
  8. Against the Orcs of Quasqueton, Part II
  9. The Vault of Illusion
  10. The Vault of Illusion, Part II

Glantri City

  1. The Temple of the Frog
  2. The Temple of the Frog, Part II


  1. To Mienville Tower
  2. On the Subject of Hawk-Bears
  3. Mienville is Burning
  4. The Burst Eyeball Tribe

Castle Amber

  1. The Charge of the Gnoll Brigade
  2. Underneath the Watchtower
  3. Goblins Three
  4. Burning Goblin, Undead Owlbear
  5. Things Take Shape
  6. The Burning Brand
  7. The Dragon and the Dead
  8. Termites!
  9. Lost Dwarves
  10. Black Devil Birds
  11. Charles le Ghoul
  12. Looting the Nest
  13. Talking to Snakes and Doors
  14. Aviary of the Living Dead

Year 209

Hither and Yon

  1. The Second String
  2. The Privy of Woe
  3. Hirelings vs. Orcs
  4. The Glass Tiddly-Wink

Return to Castle Amber

  1. The Empty Caves
  2. Circling the Chateau
  3. The Wight Stuff
  4. Gruesome Hungers
  5. Testing the Grand Stair

The Temple of Cama-Zotz

  1. Just Some Good Old Boys
  2. Return to Witch Mountain

Castle Amber and Beyond

  1. Smashing Statues
  2. Gender Bender
  3. Tooth of the Wild
  4. The Jester's Pratfall
  5. A Deadly Ambush
  6. Return to Quasqueton
  7. Gnollpocalypse
  8. Effluvium!
  9. Anon, Quasqueton
  10. The Wild Hunt
  11. Connecting The Dots
  12. Swords Are Trump
  13. Tzeentch And Chance
  14. Quasqueton Kills

New Territory

  1. Reign Of The NPCs
  2. Onderdonkenwhat?
  3. The Best Laid Plans
  4. The Goblins of De Sang's Delve
  5. No Scrubs, No Manticores
  6. The Opposite of Dungeons
  7. No Manticores, Plenty of Scrubs

At Home and Abroad

  1. Band on the Run
  2. The Needle and the Damage Done
  3. Black Knives on the River
  4. Red Caps and the Library Portal
  5. The Shrieking Hollow
  6. Ape and Essence
  7. When Bugbears Are Mages
  8. Cold As Dungeons
  9. Rocs in a Hard Place
  10. Gone, Golem Gone
  11. Thouls Of Rogwallow Watchtower
  12. Basilisk, Dragon, Mandrake
  13. The Tomb of Song
  14. Day of the Doppleganger

The Moathouse, and More

  1. The Moathouse
  2. The Moathouse, Part II
  3. The Moathouse, Part III
  4. An Excursion to Rogwallow Castle
  5. The Moathouse Gnolls
  6. Meeting Lareth
  7. Last Word on the Moathouse

Winter in Glantri and on the Southern Sea

  1. Return to the Stygian Stacks
  2. Ruins of Thelchineau Manor
  3. Three Towers Trashed
  4. The Lighthouse of Umberlee
  5. Tomb of the Sea-Dwarf King

Year 210

The Isles of Pearl and a Return to the Chateau

  1. Dungeon of Shifting Rooms
  2. Undead Apes and Burning Bosslings
  3. Recovery of the Heartless Stone
  4. Shipwrecked on Safari Island
  5. Bandits, Berserking, and Quasquetonian Troglodytes
  6. The Jewels of Miranda d'Ambreville
  7. Return to the Mainland
  8. Rumble in Rattlecart
  9. The Unlucky Thirteen

Picking Up the Pieces

  1. The Head-Sized Ruby and the Hardening Ray
  2. The Wall of Flesh and the Wizard's Ring
  3. Death by Scorpion
  4. The Bastion of the Boglings
  5. Four Sets of Stairs
  6. Phoebe's Follies
  7. The Wight Knight and His Lost Ghoulfriend
  8. The Shrine of Law
  9. The Cruelest Three XP
  10. Mouseguard
  11. Goblingeddon
  12. Eternal War Below

Glantri in Wartime

  1. The Siege of Gantelet
  2. Displacer-Wizards and War-Dogs
  3. Zwight or Wombie?
  4. The Riddle of the Lightblade
  5. Back to the Bastion of the Boglings
  6. It Must Be Bunnies
  7. "Do You Serve La Famille D'Ambreville?"
  8. The Fall of Ghaarn
  9. Dungeon or Dragon?
  10. Two Trapped Chests
  11. Dragon, then Dungeon
  12. The Owlbear Chute
  13. Map-O-Rama

Return to Thelchineau Manor

  1. Gray Fluid, Green Dust
  2. Burning Down the House

After the Arson of the Adventurer's Lodge

  1. Ashes to Ashes, Rust to Rust
  2. Guests of the Wizard-Goblins
  3. Cut Coutelain's Amazing Soul-Swapping Tapestry

The Search for Cut Coutelain

  1. The Search for Cut Coutelain
  2. Battle of the Bandit Bands
  3. The Heart of Kee-Tan Huul
  4. Guests of Li Fen

Year 211

Devil Gut Rock

  1. Into the Desert Southwest
  2. Feathered Vampire Down

Delving Deeper

  1. Chatelaine Aflame
  2. Henri Le Phantasm
  3. The Lich, the Ghost and the Jewels
  4. The Rings of AliƩnor
  5. The Walking Chair and the Water Weird
  6. Hellhounds and Gremlins

Glantri Under Siege

  1. Martin Le Black in Micheline's Wandering Tower
  2. Showdown at the Smoking Owl
  3. Nice Day For a Wolf Wedding
  4. "They've Taken Our Dungeons & Dragons!"
  5. Chagahn Undead
  6. Releasing the Succubus
  7. The Demise of Richard Loubeau

Those Post-Surrender Blues

  1. Wyvern-Bones and Magnet-Stones
  2. Maalathiir's Library
  3. The Mourning Wight of Brakhill

Saving Robert's Soul

  1. A Southward Search for Secret Doors
  2. Floating Disk For the Win
  3. Hungry Eye, Heartseeker Arrow
  4. Trail of the Devil Baby
  5. Flayed Men
  6. Boxed in by Bugbears
  7. Shrine of the Sword Princes
  8. Writing With Rats
  9. Dinner With Gwendoline d'Ambreville
  10. Demon Boxes
  11. Arnara of the Swords

After Arnara's Fall

  1. Return to the Temple of Tzeentch
  2. Shafted!
  3. The Road to Vulture's Crag
  4. Passager Reborn
  5. The Great Goblin Massacre
  6. Into the Worm's Gullet
  7. Routing Li Fen
  8. Looting the Lesser Library
  9. Movin' Millstones
  10. Lessa's Laboratory
  11. The Hand of Kastria, Part I
  12. The Hand of Kastria, Part II
  13. Den of the Deodanth
  14. Final Flight of the Falcons

Year 212

Questing for Restoration

  1. Weekend at Barnaby's
  2. Rock Beats Blackjack
  3. Beneath the Windy Tower
  4. Shoot the Hostage
  5. Remember the Forgotten Tomb!
  6. Vulture's Crag, Part I
  7. Vulture's Crag, Part II
  8. Felling the Forgotten King
  9. The Lost Sword of Quasqueton, Part I
  10. The Lost Sword of Quasqueton, Part II
  11. Regret is a Chimera
  12. The Harpist's Dirge
  13. Ja'Tubis and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  14. Bloodnail's Fire

Month of the Modules

  1. Cut's Mount Turns Out To Be A Rust Monster
  2. The Murder of the Slave Lords
  3. Slave Revolt
  4. In Search of Tsojcanth, Part I
  5. In Search of Tsojcanth, Part II

Drunk with Power

  1. Love Beyond Death
  2. The Trophy Room
  3. The Newkeep Claim
  4. Treasure in the Cistern
  5. The Troglodyte Reservoir
  6. A Tunnel with Trolls
  7. Dream of the Red Chamber
  8. Scorpions and Sky-Portals
  9. ... Until Somebody Loses an Eye
  10. Saving Hrothgar's Sword
  11. Mimes!
  12. Hegrash the Bandit Ogre

Year 213

The Orc Crusade

  1. Last Call for Charles le Donne
  2. The Tomb of Feria of the Northlands
  3. Seeking Feria's Arm-Ring

Chateau Level Six (or Thereabouts)

  1. Yo Dawg I Herd You Like Armoires
  2. The Hall of Horns
  3. Making Sport of Trolls
  4. The Black Portrait

Seeking Grimmnar's Grimoire

  1. Grimmnar's Magnum Opus, Part I
  2. Grimmnar's Magnum Opus, Part II
  3. Grimmnar's Magnum Opus, Part III

Wine and the Divine

  1. Quest for the Wine Cellar, Part I
  2. Quest for the Wine Cellar, Part II
  3. Interlude: The Lost Tomb of Trianoma
  4. Quest for the Wine Cellar, Part III
  5. TBD
  6. Restoring Trianoma's Temple

Return to Chateau Level Six (or Thereabouts)

  1. The Blackhill Wedding
  2. Khaliq, Smokehiss, Ahsha
  3. Trolls 1, Arielle 0
  4. The Shadow Trap
  5. Marc-Stephan's Marvelous Zombie Bedchamber
  6. Interlude: Ja'Tubis and the Horn of the Deep
  7. Smashing Araminta's Statue

The Lost Shrine of Tamoachan

  1. The Door of the Bat
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