Glantri Non-Player Characters

Noble Families of Glantri

The Principalities of Glantri

Nouveau Averoigne

Chateau d'Ambreville

  • Azarax, lamed hellhound
  • Chagahn, orcish shaman of Ignis
  • Tal ur-Ignis, chief of the orcs of the Burning Brand
  • Targar, an orc of some standing
  • Uruk, a friendly orc of some standing
  • Victor du Mont, a magic-user investigating the dungeons beneath the chateau




Glantri City

The Family Hazart

High Society

Upright Citizens and Merchants

  • Anton, a young master of the musical arts
  • Erroll, clothier to the noble houses
  • Lethour, a reputable master weaponsmith
  • Madigante, a reputable master armorer
  • Morand, seneschal of Glantri City and keeper of Castle Glantri
  • Priam Blyde, a witch-hunting zealot and deputized peace-keeper
  • Wilmond, an aging swordmaster

Streetwise Contacts

The Temple of Trade

The Temple of Trianoma

  • Camellia, an elder of the temple
  • Mircea, an acolyte
  • Salvatore, vicar in charge of selling potions and scrolls
  • Sommelinde, new matriarch of the temple; aged and unfriendly
  • Amelie, a sword-sister of the Hexarchy
  • Andore, a refugee from the Ambreville's magical tortures

Unaffiliated Magic-Users

The Ruined Vales


The Caves of Chaos


Maalathir's Library

  • Carlos, a casualty of the minotaur

The Occupied Territories



Mienville Tower


The Broken Lands



  • Druett, the elderly, senile bishop of the temple of Ha' Pacrapis
  • Maldine, a sage with some knowledge of objects of magical power
  • Harland, a lieutenant of House Frange
  • Tomas, a magic-user involved with bandits

Darokin City

  • Gend, an acolyte of the Builder
  • Gentra, an acolyte of the Builder
  • Mason IV, patriarch of the city's Church of the Builder
  • Sendora, elder of the Builder; aide to Mason IV


The Southern Lands


Adventuring Parties

The Torchbearers

  • Big Finn, a swordmaster from the cold north
  • Fowler, a swashbuckler of some renown
  • Seska, a tattooed enchantress from the distant south
  • Vivienne, a vicar of the Builder


The White Lanterns

A party of demihumans dedicated to supporting their kith in Glantri

Referenced but Not Met

High-Ranking Glantrians

Thorns in Glantri's Side

Beneath the Chateau


Members of the House d'Ambreville, presumed deceased

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