Glantri City

Glantri City is the heart and capital of the Principalities of Glantri. Its spires, at the juncture of the Loir and Vesubien Rivers, soar above a tangle of streets, bridges and canals. Only lightly touched by the war, the city and its people have fully recovered. Business is booming; this is among the wealthiest cities in the known world.

Magic, for all that it scarcely touches the lives of the common people, is a powerful force in the city. Wizards' Hill looms to the north above the streets and canals; the manors of wizarding families adorn its flanks, while its height is crowned by the great dome of the Council of Princes Thaumaturge. Young aristocrats and the scions of the wealthiest merchant houses train at the Great School of Magic. And on rare occasions, a foreign noble or adventurer will yield a fortune in treasure for a wizard to practice the arts of magic or enchantment.

Founded during the height of the old southern empire, the city was built on the ruins of an older civilization. Its cellars, sewers and catacombs touch those ruins in places, and some say that immortal monsters — and ancient treasures — may be found there

Gourd Lantern Day is a popular local holiday.

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