Glantri Carousing Rules

Basic protocols

- When you decide to carouse, you roll one or more variable-sized dice to see how much you spend, and a second d20 that helps me adjucate the results.

- In towns like Malinbois or Fortune's Hole you can spend d6 x 100. In Glantri City, it's d8 x 150.

- If you don't have enough gold to cover your expenditures, you earn XP only for what you do actually spend, and go into debt (presumably to an NPC) for the remainder. If you fail to pay the debt, bad things may happen.

- If the first die is equal to or less than your level, you're home free - the d20 is used for general randomization. If you roll higher than your level, the second die is a saving throw (often vs. poison or spell) to avoid having something bad happen, which may have in-game consequences or reduce the XP earned.

General concepts

- Things that directly benefit your PC are not counted as carousing. For example, hiring an armed escort to Glantri City gives you the direct benefit of not facing dozens of wilderness encounter checks as you travel overland.

- Carousing can indirectly aid your PC's fictional status. Investing in real estate gives you a place to stay and establishes you as a respectable land-owning member of society. Conducting drinking contests makes new friends and establishes you as a lusty adventurer of great largess and fortitude.

- A good guide to whether something is carousing is: could you continue to throw limitless sums into it and still get more of the same benefit? Buying a keg of holy water isn't carousing because it has a discrete limit; at some point you have what you need. Buying ornaments for a church is carousing because you could go on making the temple more ornate indefinitely.

- When we run carousing scenes at a session, they will ideally involve multiple PCs. Carousing scenes run online need not involve multiple PCs, but they won't necessarily be heavy on the role-playing, either.

- General "these are things I want to do in town" plans should also be discussed in the scheduling thread. Note that the primary point of carousing is to spend gold to get XP. If you just want to get a specific thing done, carousing is a risky and sometimes nonsensical way to do it.

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