Glantri Adventure Timeline

Glantri Session Summaries

Big Picture - The adventurers are based in Malinbois in order to explore the dread ruins of Chateau d'Ambreville. They belong to a mercenary company, the Company of Crossed Swords; in addition, several, but not many, belong to a cult based on a martyred companion-in-arms.

Year 208

May 28: Our heroes join forces to plunder the cellars beneath the Ghost Tower of Inverness. They return to Malinbois with treasure and a goblin captive, Richard Bluelip. (Session One: Into The Crypt Of Ivernesse)

May 29 - 30: The party makes two trips to the Ghost Tower in as many days. They persuade the goblins to depart with their captive's aid and continue their exploration of the cellars. (Session Two: The Goblins Of Ivernesse)

May 31: Exploring the southern halls of the Ghost Tower's cellars, the party finds a magical mask anchored to the wall that answers a single question put to it. (Session Three: Sifting Through The Debris)

June 1 - 2: The party's next trip to the Ghost Tower is cut short when they meet the unbalanced young conjurer Rainier d'Ivernesse and his entourage on the road; The Boss is turned to stone. They try again the next day, only to suffer another fatality as founding member Immortus is killed. (Session Four: Stone and Blood)

June 4 - 6: While the party rests in Malinbois, the Torchbearers, a foreign adventuring party, delves twice into the ruins beneath nearby Chateau d'Ambreville, a far more infamous and disreputable ruin than the Ghost Tower. They leave for Glantri City in hopes of raising their leader, the swordsman Fowler, from the dead.

June 9: The party recruits several new adventurers, some of them survivors or hangers-on of the Torchbearers. Bandits looting the Ghost Tower drive the adventurers out. (Session Five: In With the New)

June 10 - 11: Former party member Clamdigger cuts a deal with the party to ambush some bandits on the river and split the profits. Black Water dies in the ambush, but his sleep spell quashes all resistance. The next day, the party returns to the Ghost tower, where they meet and slay a huge ghoul, making off with a small fortune in gold, gems and magical items. (Session Six: Striking Gold)

June 12 - 21: Hamish travels to Glantri City to hire an architect to build a temple to the Boss. On the way back, he joins several other adventurers in Touraine to explore the ruined gatehouse at Highcliff. (Session Seven: Side Trek to Highcliff)

June 21 - 25: Hamish brings word that Rainier d'Ivernesse has hired several men-at-arms to retake the Ghost Tower. Fearing trouble, the party travels from Malinbois to Eastkeep in the Ruined Vales, where they enter the Caves of Chaos and kill several orcs for the bounty on the creatures' ears. (Session Eight: The Caves of Chaos)

June 27: A few party members explore the swamp south of Eastkeep, accompanied by the traveling friar Havelock and his bodyguards. Havelock and his men turn against the party during a lizardman ambush; only Hamish and the hireling Bernard survive. (Session Nine: The Marsh of Death)

July 3: The party receives news that The Boss has disappeared from his shrine, and conclude without evidence that he must be in the Caves of Chaos. They recruit several new party members, fight several monsters, and invade an eldritch vault occupied by wizards and the undead. (Session Ten: The Halls of Wizardry)

July 4 - 8: While Hamish leads some party members to Malinbois to recover the Boss, the rest return to the Caves of Chaos and suffer heavy losses fighting wizards and zombies. They they try to rob Hamish's henchman Bernard by getting him drunk at a picnic, only to be ambushed by gnolls. Lastly, the party hires Javier's mecenaries for a brief expedition to Quasqueton, the lost fortress of the mercenary brothers Roger and Zelig du Gare. (Session Eleven: "Worst Picnic Ever")

July 9: Francois establishes the Company of Crossed Swords.

July 10: Hamish the Dim returns to Eastkeep with Lem and a wagon containing the petrified form of the Boss and the weirdly cocooned bodies of those buried at the Boss's feet.

July 11: The party gathers for a concerted effort to tackle the wizards in the Caves of Chaos. There they capture a medusa and destroy an undead wizard, suffering casualties but gaining potent magical items. The wizard Sebastien Quincarnon bars their exit. They make a deal with him, swearing to return the spellbooks and tell no one of the wizards in exchange for their lives and more information about the caves. (Session Twelve: The Medusa and the Archmage)

July 13 - 14: The Company of Crossed Swords takes on several new members and enter Quasqueton, where they cut a deal with the fortress' remaining human guards to kill orcs on the second level in exchange for payment in gold. The next day, bounty hunter Jamie Gregoire mistakes Pog for deceased party member Golkar and threatens to take him to Sablestone in chains, forcing the party to retrieve Golkar's body from Sebastien Quincarnon. (Session Thirteen: Against the Orcs of Quasqueton)

July 15 - 17: Several party members travel to the Caves of Chaos to complete their bargain with Sebastien Quincarnon. They foolishly entangle themselves with Sebastien's zombie guards, then stumble into a fight with a bugbear war party. Two days later, they seek revenge against the bugbears by raiding their lair, but the battle goes poorly and the party flees. Between the two battles, five members of the Company are lost. (Session Fourteen: Broken Swords)

July 18 - 22: Three guards from Quasqueton come to Eastkeep to seek aid from the Company of Crossed Swords; the orcs have overrun their position and they need aid to retake the fortress. The party heads to Quasqueton; after camping outside for three days with the intention of ambushing orcish hunting parties, they lose patience and enter the complex themselves, where they slay the orc chieftain and emerge laden with loot. (Session Fifteen: Against The Orcs Of Quasqueton, Part II)

July 20 - 22: Robert Hazart leads those members of the Company not at Quasqueton on two expeditions to the hidden vault of the illusionist Hilduin. The party successfully retrieves Hilduin's Cube of Power. (Session Sixteen: The Vault of Illusion and Session Seventeen: The Vault of Illusion, Part II)

July 23 - 26: The Company of Crossed Swords travels to Glantri City to sell a swath of brass dragon hide and to research the Cube of Power. While there, they accept a contract to purge a Chaos cult from the city's sewers. After an abortive thrust into the cult's lair liberates a pair of captives, Martin's friend, the leech Voiron, arranges for the party to ambush the cult leader. The party gives the cult leader's head and a cursed idol to the temple of Trianoma for a goodly reward. (Session Eighteen: The Temple of the Frog and Session Nineteen: The Temple of the Frog, Part II)

August 8 - 11: After a week of carousing, the party heads south from Glantri City to loot a purported hidden vault beneath House Hazart's old family seat at Mienville, in the Occupied Territories. Evading sanction for charming Darokinese officers, they bargain with the goblin trader Gnormok for information, then make an abortive attempt to fight their way through the Burst Eyeball orcs to reach Mienville Tower. They abandon the magic-user Erwan Roparzh in their retreat. (Session Twenty: To Mienville Tower)

August 9: A few other members of the Company of Crossed Swords return to the Caves of Chaos to take up Sebastien Quincarnon on his offer of gold for the capture of a living hawk-bear, only to kill the beast instead. They then suffer significant casualties as they explore its lair. (Session Twenty-One: On The Subject of Hawk-Bears)

August 13: Falling back to the village of Fortune's Hole, the Company takes on some new recruits and returns to Mienville. There they find the place blasted and burned by the demon bound to now-deceased party member Erwan Roparzh. They adopt an orcish child, bypass three elementals and a troll, and loot the sealed workroom of Natalia Hazart, acquiring several valuable magical items therefrom. (Session Twenty-Two: Mienville Is Burning)

August 28: The Company of Crossed Swords returns to Mienville after a week of carousing in Glantri City. They ward off Erwan's demon, Ravaroth the Devourer, with spells of protection from evil, then do battle with the Burst Eyeball tribe of orcs. (Session Twenty-Three: The Burst Eyeball Tribe)

September 7 - 11: Apprentices at the Great School of Magic spread the word that Robert Hazart has acquired the Cube of Power. The party decides to get some distance from Glantri City, and set out to explore Chateau d'Ambreville. Turning down an offer to buy maps of the castle, they travel first to Malinbois, then to Ambreville, where they join forces with a band of gnolls to attack the orcs who control the castle. This is a fiasco, but the party survives, puts the gnolls to sleep and steals their treasure. (Session Twenty-Four: The Charge of the Gnoll Brigade)

September 9 - 14: The Company of Crossed Swords has another go at the gnolls' watchtower by Chateau d'Ambreville. On their way back, they are ambushed by a dozen goblins seeking the Cube of Power! Victorious, they rest up for a couple of days in Malinbois, then visit the watchtower for the third time for a hair-raising escapade with a half-dozen aquatic undead. (Session Twenty-Five: Underneath the Watchtower)

September 15 - 25: The party visits Glantri City, where they obtain a map of the Chateau's upper works. Returning to the Chateau, they encounter a band of adventuring goblins who prove their equals in cowardice and venality, with whose dubious aid they scout the surrounding area and further antagonize the orcs of the Burning Brand. (Session Twenty-Six: Goblins Three)

September 26 - 28: After another zombie-laden jaunt beneath the ruined watchtower reveals a dead end sealed off by a massive stone block, the party enters the caves beneath the Dragon Tower, where they are bloodied by an animated owlbear skeleton. (G27: Burning Goblin, Undead Owlbear)

September 29 - October 20: After Martin is exiled from Chateau Hazart, the party travels to Eastkeep to retrieve the gnomes they'd rescued from Quasqueton, then defeat a pair of dopplegangers on the way to Malinbois. A couple of reconaissance missions to Chateau d'Ambreville prove fruitful, suggesting various avenues of exploration. (G28: Things Take Shape)

October 22 - 25: On this journey to Chateau d'Ambreville, the Company of Crossed Swords establishes peaceful contact with the orcs of the Burning Brand tribe. (G29: The Burning Brand)

October 26 - November 2: A night attack by a very young dragon scatters the party across the undead-haunted ruins of Ambreville, resulting in heavy casualties. The survivors regroup at Malinbois to heal, then head back to the Chateau to dare its cellars. Their thrust is soon repelled by a force of giant termites. (G30: The Dragon and the Dead)

November 4 - 10: Their ranks refilled, the Company delves beneath the Chateau once more, setting fire to the giant termites' nest. After a few days of rest to recover from the injuries of that battle, the party investigates further and discovers an enormous stairway winding deep into the earth. (G31: Termites!)

November 13: The Company gets a proper taste of the strangeness beneath the Chateau, as they encounter a party of plane-traveling dwarves, an illusionary garden and a chamber full of techno-magical machinery. (G32: Lost Dwarves)

November 18: Having buried the plane-traveling dwarf Thormer in Malinbois, the party returns to the Chateau, where they vanquish a score of vicious bird-men and gather a goodly share of treasure. (G33: Black Devil Birds)

November 25: After a week of rest and recuperation, the Company of Crossed Swords returns to loot the Aviary. Along the way, they battle a fellow party member turned undead, fight more bird-men and flee an enormous scorpion. (G34: Charles le Ghoul)

December 1: Robert Hazart reconciles with his aunt Alzenia, who informs him that she plans to make him the heir to House Hazart, over the heads of her own bloodline.

December 5: Returning from Glantri City, the party delves into the Aviary once more to rake up more loot. (G35: Looting the Nest)

December 18: The Company climbs upward this time, entering the Serpent Tower of Chateau d'Ambreville. Karvenn perishes there; half the party rides back to Glantri City with his body in hopes that he may be brought back from the dead, while the others (joined by new recruits) explore the passages beneath Marsile's Tower, where they encounter several talking metal faces set into doors. (G36: Talking to Snakes and Doors)

December 31: Another trip to the Aviary reveals that several dead bird-men have risen as ghouls and are feeding on the corpses of their brethren. The Company eliminates them by ones and twos, accumulating a decent bit of treasure in the bargain, only to bite off more than they can chew. The party is entirely paralyzed by the ghouls' venom, and only a magic item and good fortune allows Martin to shake off the paralysis and save the party from being devoured. (G37: Aviary of the Living Dead)

Year 209

January 2: A few of the Company's junior members recruit fresh blood for a trip to the Chateau, where they struggle against skeletons and a strange gelatinous entity. (G38: The Second String)

January 6: Halafa and Vassily return to Glantri City, where they are joined by several other novice adventurers in exploring a magic-user's strangely subsiding tower. (G39: The Privy of Woe)

January 10: A group of Company members travels to the Caves of Chaos and crushes an orcish tribe with the aid of several hired swords. (G40: Hirelings vs. Orcs)

January 11: A trio of southern adventurers dares the Caves of Chaos, only to wander into the same caves that the Company of Crossed Swords had just cleared. (DX13A: The Empty Caves) Meanwhile, a handful of novice adventurers travel to Ambreville; fearing to enter the Chateau, they explore the empty watchtower and dare the ruins of Ambreville town. (DX13B: Circling the Chateau)

January ? - ?: Richard Loubeau and a pair of other adventurers (Sassafras and Joshua ben Sabra) become involved in an intrigue surrounding a peculiar hue of stained glass to be used in a new cathedral. (G41: The Glass Tiddly-Wink)

January 15 - 16: A sizable party of adventurers enters the dungeons beneath the Chateau d'Ambreville and defeat an undead captain of the Ambreville guards. (DX13C: The Wight Stuff)

January 17: The priest Azoth of Arioch leads a second expedition into the Chateau's dungeons, but this delve meets a grisly end. (DX13D: Gruesome Hungers)

January 21: After regrouping in Glantri City, the Company of Crossed Swords heads back to the Chateau amid freezing rain and snow flurries. There they storm the threatening Grand Stair en masse, easily defeating numerous foes and setting foot for the first time on the dungeon's third level. (G42: Testing the Grand Stair)

January ? - ?: Several members of the Company visit the nearby village of Ourvillat, from whence they delve into the peculiar Caves of Camazotz to battle the minions of a Chaos godling. (G43: Just Some Good Old Boys) and (G44: Return to Witch Mountain)

January 31: The Company trudges through deepening snows to the Chateau, where they dare the chamber of statues and win several magical devices of bronze, including the puissant Wind's Edge. (G45: Smashing Statues)

April 18: With the snows having melted sufficiently to take to the road, the Company returns to the Chateau. It is on this adventure that Handsome Hans becomes known as Hanna after an encounter with a cursed chair. (G46: Gender Bender)

April 21 - 26: The Prince of Nouvelle Averoigne hires a group of Company members to reclaim a ruined watchtower on behalf of a trade consortium. This peculiar adventure features leprechaun urine, a deceased pixie king and an infamous composer transformed into an ape. (G47: Tooth of the Wild)

April 29: Returning to the Chateau, the party finds a gibberish-spouting apparatus, encounters the infamous "wizard-goblins" and explores a magician's intact suite, obtaining as treasure a solid gold idol to a jester-like Chaos god. (G48: The Jester's Pratfall)

May 1: A small force of Company members delves into the Chateau on their own, only to be overmatched when their attempted ambush of a room's denizens is turned against them. Farkas Fulmont and Karvenn are left for dead as their compatriots flee certain doom at the hands of gnolls. (G49: A Deadly Ambush)

May 1 - 2: A group of inexperienced adventurers join forces with Crossed Swords auxiliaries Henri and Guy to explore Quasqueton.(G50: Return To Quasqueton)

May 6: Having taken a few days to recover, the Company returns to the Chateau d'Ambreville for revenge on the gnolls and to retrieve the bodies of their fallen. The gnoll counter-offensive is easily broken and Karvenn's body is retrieved. Sadly, Farkas's corpse animates as a ghoul, slays a hireling and escapes. Later, Hamish loses all of his possessions, including the legendary Fist of the Boss, to a magical tapestry. (G51: Gnollpocalypse)

May 13: The Company accepts a task from Marchosias de Marais to explore the mage Orissen's so-called "Palace of Sump" and stop it from further polluting the River Loir. The party defeats a band of troglodytes and brings back prisoners to Prince Gerard's justice. In the process, Joshua ben Sabra is slain. (G52: Effluvium)

May 20: Pritchard Hood leads a few inexperienced Company members on a trip to Quasqueton. (G53: Anon, Quasqueton)

May 27: Accepting an invitation from their new patrons in House Marais, our heroes compete against half a dozen rival parties in order to hunt for — and slay — the legendary Questing Beast. (G54: The Wild Hunt)

June 3: Returning to the Chateau, the party discovers Vertume's hidden laboratory and unceremoniously dispatches the undead enchantress. (G55: Connecting the Dots)

June 12: A jaunt to the Chateau's second floor reveals a number of weird phenomena: an infinite corridor, Chaos-tainted doors, a hovering globe and a violent jeweled scepter. (G56: Swords are Trump)

June 21: The Chaos-tainted doors from the previous adventure are opened with magical aid, and the demonic guardians in the temple beyond are dispatched. The ghoul of Farkas Fulmont returns for a taste of his old friend Pritchard Hood. (G57:Tzeentch And Chance)

June 28: Pritchard Hood leads a band of inexperienced adventurers into Quasqueton, thinking it a safe way to test their mettle, but the venture becomes a bloodbath. (G58: Quasqueton Kills)

July 12: The Crossed Swords reach out to the community, and set out in search of a missing farmboy near Malinbois. Their efforts uncover something more sinister in the mountains, but not before trying the very bonds of their camaraderie. (G59: Reign of the NPCs)

July 13 - 14: After a day travelling in the mountains, the Company finds a subterranean structures filled with potential combatants and the wealth they guard or possess. They fight, parley, and eventually ally themselves with the Dwaarfs of Onderdonk before fighting the fearsome Foreman Hassar. (G60: Onderdonkenwhat?)

July 15: The part dispatches both the Spellsmith Kovacs and Croarg, the terrible bear tyrant of the glen. Much art is contemplated. (G61: The Best Laid Plans)

July 22: While Martín recuperates, some Crossed Swords stalwarts lead an elf to the edge of death in De Sang's Delve, and lead Gerard de Sang beyond it. (G62: The Goblins of De Sang's Delve)

July 29: Hanna convinces some old comrades and some new to follow her back to the deadly Delve. (G63: No Scrubs, No Manticores)

August 6: A band of Crossed Swords captains set out with new determination to explore Aliénor's Tower and the Storm Tower at the Chateau. (G64: The Opposite of Dungeons)

August 13: The lure of promised wealth and manticores calls a misift band led by Boarface and Hop-Frog back to the Delve, where they are caught up in the politics of goblin middle-management. (G65: No Manticores, Plenty of Scrubs)

August 20 Pritchard once again takes up the mantle of recruitment, leading a draft dodger and some dodgy demihumans on a foray into the horrid depths of the Academy Library. The librarians were greedy, and catalogued too deep… (G67: The Needle and the Damage Done)

August 27 Pritchard leads the B squad back to eliminate the dangers at the lowest level of the Academy Library. (G69:Red Caps and the Library Portal)

August 27 - 29: Martín, Robert, and Richard recruit some new allies for their quest towards the Isles of Pearl after an extra week in Glantri. Things go somewhat poorly. They end the session on a boat and off the map. (G66: Band on the Run)

September 3 - 4: The B team wanders to the Valley of the Owls, following rumors of incursions into a vocal natural phenomenon. (G70: The Shrieking Hollow)

September 6 - 9: Martin, Robert, Richard and others find new hands in Norwater and head into the Broken Lands, where river pirates and contract killers seek the return of Robert's powerful Cube. Martin runs into an ex-lover among their number. (G68: Black Knives on the River)

September 10 - 11: Without time for proper hellos, an unexpected reunion of Darrowkins in the Broken Lands requires a race up a cliff-face to rescue Hanna's mother from a clutch of rocs. (G74: Rocs in a Hard Place)

September 11 - 12: Wary of the dangers in the village of Worms, the party returns instead to the shrieking hollow to examine foreboding chambers guarded by beings of magic. (G71: Ape and Essence)

September 12 - October 20: The A-team fends off a basilisk in the Broken Lands, then encounters a dragon a few days later, who shockingly flaps off with Ja'Tubis for a few days' entertainment. The party manages the second and third cataracts of the river without malicious encounter and reaches Corunglain, with its warm baths and hot food. A side trip involving mandrake roots almost kills them all. (G77: Basilisk, Dragon, Mandrake)

September 19: The B-team plunges back into the Chateau, followed by a golem under the command of an Amberville enchantress. They defeat small opposing clans of goblins lead by bugbears. (G72: When Bugbears are Mages)

September 26 - 27: Back to the Chateau for the B-team, still plagued by the stone golem. They encounter little, but share some cold-storage spoils with the orcs of the Burning Brand. (G73: Cold as Dungeons)

October 4: The opportunistic B-team pushes Evangelista's golem over the top balcony of the Chateau's Grand Stairs, where Rusty Buckles also crashes to his fire-soaked death. The team is nearly overrun by night goblins. (G75: Gone, Golem, Gone)

October 11 - 20: The B-team scouts the rugged path to Caurenze by way of the Happy Valley. A vicious attack by rock baboons in a watchtower results in a longer stay in Sligo than intended, followed by an unusual bit of bait-and-banditry. (G76: Thouls of Rogwallow Watchtower)

October 21 - November 2: The A-team sails down the River Streel to the Darokinese town of Favaro. There they embark on a side trip to the mysterious Tomb of Song, wherein wights siphon life-energy from Martin le Black and a lightning-bolt trap claims the life of Robert Hazart. (G78: The Tomb of Song)

October 21 - October 30: Having received word from their counterparts in Darokin about the Temple of Elemental Chaos, the B-team enters Caurenze, visits the village of Hommlet and probes the Temple's ruined swamp outpost. (G80: The Moathouse)

November 3 - December 2: Robert Hazart is brought back to life, though his companions find him changed. Having lost his spell book, he must spend a few weeks reinscribing what spells he can remember. The party reaches Darokin City, where a bargain with priests of the Builder to restore Martin's life-force brings the party to a backwater village's seemingly haunted shrine. (G79: Day of the Doppleganger)

November 6 - November 9: The B-team assails the Moathouse again, this time the dungeons beneath. They encounter a slew of zombies and see a member of their party die to an ogre, which they are able to slay. (G81: The Moathouse, Part II)

November 16 - November 17: Again to the Moathouse, where passages beyond the ogre's chambers are found to be occupied by bugbears and gnolls. (G82: The Moathouse, part III)

November 24 - November 25: A diversion to a castle in Happy Valley leads to an ambush of harpies and giant spiders, followed by strangeness on the second floor. (G83: An Excursion to Rogwallow Castle)

December 2 - December 3: Pressing further into the Moathouse, the party smashes up the contingent of gnolls, only to lose an elf to a kobold amubsh from the rear. (G84: The Moathouse Gnolls)

December 9 - December 10: Finally arriving at the southern coasts of Darokin, the Company recruits some new members to explore a supposedly haunted temple to a sea-god, housed in a lighthouse. (G90: the Lighthouse of Umberlee)

December 10 - December 11: Lareth, the haughty and beautiful éminence grise of the Moathouse, appears to the party after a long corridor of stunt and slaughter. Wisely, the party cuts and runs at a position of strength instead of pushing on. (G85: Meeting Lareth)

December 17 - December 21: En route to the Isles of Pearl from Athenos, the Company docks briefly in Ierendi and routes a bandit company defiling the tomb of a Dwarf chieftain. (G91: Tomb of the Sea-Dwarf King)

December 18 - December 20: Following a note from Lareth that she has departed the Moathouse, the party descends below to make sure. She, indeed, has gone, but plenty of combat awaits. (G86: Last Word on the Moathouse)

December 27 - December 28: Unsure of where next to go, the party answers a summons for help back in the Stygian stacks of the Academy Library in the capital. (G87: Return to the Stygian Stacks)

December 28 - January 25: The party finally lands on the Isles of the Pearl, and is granted a boon by Ululaya for the undertaking of a quest in mysterious Haddad-nan-Shar (G92: Dungeon of the Shifting Rooms)

Year 210

January 4: On the heels of their successful return to the Academy Library, the party investigates some missing persons in service of House Thelchineau. They begin to explore the family's ancestral home in the Glantri lagoon. (G88: Ruins of Thelchineau Manor)

January 11: The party investigates three of the mysterious towers of the Chateau, and finds themselves in a confrontation with Willem d'Alienor (G89: Alienor's, Moon's Edge, and Eye Towers)

January 18: Pritchard Hood leads a scrappy band into the dungeons below the Chateau to fight fearsome beasts, find a sinister trap, and encounter a flaming, preaching, unliving devotee of the Boss. (G93: Undead Apes and Burning Bosslings)

January 25 - February 2: While Pritchard is consumed by his studies, Audrey and the demihumans make a run at Quasqueton, where they are very nearly killed — first by bandits, and then by troglodytes. (G96: Bandits, Berserking, and Quasquetonian Troglodytes)

January 26 - January 28: Delving a second time into the Dungeon of the Shifting Rooms, the party retrieves Ululaya's Heartless Stone- against the wishes of its current owner. (G94: Recovery of the Heartless Stone)

January 29 - February 19: After an audience with Ululaya, the Company is shipwrecked on Safari Island and barred from the island's port by attacking centaurs. (G95: Shipwrecked on Safari Island)

February 20 - March 16: After fighting a gryphon, a bandit gang and a chimera, the Company escapes Safari Island, does business in Specularum and crosses paths with the Silver Swords while en route to the Five Shires. (G98: Return to the Mainland)

March 17 - April 10: On the final leg of their journey home, the Company is browbeaten by Charlie and Hanna Darrowkin into helping the halflings of Rattlecart find their kidnapped kinfolk. (G99: Rumble in Rattlecart)

April 3 - April 4: After the spring thaw, the 'B-team' tests the third level of the Chateau, where they face the undead Miranda d'Ambreville and her armored bodyguards in an engagement fraught with danger and betrayal. (G97: The Jewels of Miranda d'Ambreville)

April 11: With the return of the 'A-team' from their southern venture, the reunited Company storms the Chateau in force to fulfill Pritchard Hood's debt to Evangelista de Sylaire. But the delve is a debacle, resulting in the deaths of two beloved party members. (G100: The Unlucky Thirteen)

April 18: The second string explores a hole in the ground, discovering the relics of a wizard's peculiar experiments. (G101: The Head-Sized Ruby and the Hardening Ray)

April 25: Further exploration of the underground maze turns up even greater strangeness. The Company confronts the undead wizard responsible for the place and smites him mightily. (G102: The Wall of Flesh and the Wizard's Ring)

April 28 - May 2: A couple of Company members travel to Caurenze and gather a gang of novice adventurers to tackle a crumbling dungeon high in the hills. The result is a gory debacle. (G103: Death by Scorpion)

May 1 - 6: Aided by a few hirelings, Barnaby Flanders and Charlie Darrowkin uncover those responsible for kidnapping children from the village of Solange. (G104: The Bastion of the Boglings)

May 13: When Evangelista de Sylaire does not return from beneath the Chateau, the party agrees to attempt her rescue. (G105: Four Sets of Stairs)

May 20 - 21: The Company encounters the shade of Evangelista's mother, Phoebe d'Ambreville, and destroys the undead creature with a devil's aid. (G106: Phoebe's Follies)

May 28: Exploring the upper levels of the Chateau dungeons, the Company's second string finds a hidden passageway to the graveyard and has some interesting encounters with the undead. (G107: The Wight Knight and His Lost Ghoulfriend)

May 29 - June 11: After dealing with logistical issues and cleansing the Chateau's upper baths, the Company finds a shrine to the gods of Law and confers with its guardian angel. (G108: The Shrine of Law)

June 14 - 25: Company members visit various Glantrian magic-users to identify more of Phoebe d'Ambreville's magic items, then are tricked into releasing a bound entity from a fireplace beneath the Chateau. (G109: The Cruelest Three XP)

July 1: Ja'Tubis returns to Glantri and joins the Company on a Chateau delve. There they defeat a group of tiny warrior-rodents and destroy the hidden shrine to a Chaos god of gluttony. (G110: Mouseguard)

July 8: The party brings great force to bear in an assault on the goblin lairs established in the "aviary" gallery of the Chateau (G111: Goblingeddon)

July 15: Reconsidering their plan to explore the caverns beneath the Dragon Tower, the party returns to the dungeons below Alienor's to discover an eternally raging spectral battle from the civil war. (G112: Eternal War Below)

July 22 - 25: In an effort to aid nation and church, the party joins a templar force deployed to break the siege of the Hexarchy's fortress at Gantelet. (G113: Siege of Gantelet)

July 27: A contingent in Glantri City returns to the ruins of Thelchineau Manor, freeing some wizard imprisoned in a magic mirror and rescuing the missing Rouen Thelchineau. (G114: Displacer-Wizards and War-Dogs)

July 28: Another visit to Thelchineau Manor results in all-out war with a rival adventuring party. (G115: Zwight or Wombie?)

August 4 - 11: The party returns to the Chateau to claim Darkbane. A follow-up expedition to Chevalise to fight ogres is cut short by a troglodyte ambush. (G116: The Riddle of the Lightblade)

August 18: The Company returns to the underground lair of the mysterious boglings, only to discover that the creatures' watery god is more deadly than anticipated. (G117: Back to the Bastion of the Boglings)

August 23: Three Company members travel to the Vallee de Malaise, seeking treasure in the form of jewels growing from madmen's foreheads. What they find is a nightmare of costumed gnolls and rabbit golems. (G118: It Must Be Bunnies)

August 25 - 30: On the Chateau's third level, the party loots a carrion crawler lair, examines a mysterious floating map-globe and offers pie to a toad-demon. (G119: Do You Serve La Famille D'Ambreville?)

September 8 - 16: The party returns to destroy the toad-demon, only to find the fight's aftermath more perilous. (G120: The Fall of Ghaarn)

September 24: After some debate, the Company postpones its plans to hunt a young dragon and returns to the Chateau, where an old hellhound is 'befriended' and various jewels are obtained. (G121: Dungeon or Dragon?)

October 2: Further exploration of the Chateau's third level turns up various abominations and the laboratory of the twice-slain Miranda d'Ambreville. (G122: Two Trapped Chests)

October 9 - 14: Discovering that the young dragon's lair contains several dozen forest goblin minions, the party returns to the Chateau to meddle with Miranda's infernal paraphernalia. (G123: Dragon, Then Dungeon)

October 21 - 22: A trap deposits the party on the fifth level, inside a stone cage inhabited by an owlbear. Hilarity ensues. (G124: The Owlbear Chute)

October 29 - 30: The party meanders through upper levels of the Chateau dungeons correcting their maps in an unmemorable and unremembered adventure. (G125: Map-O-Rama)

November 6: An expedition beneath Thelchineau Manor with a not-elf turns up a variety of unusual phenomena. (G126: Gray Fluid, Green Dust)

November 13: The disgruntled survivor of an adventuring party doomed by Company misinformation sets the Company's adventuring lodge aflame. Meanwhile, exploring Thelchineau Manor reveals more nightmarish chimerae. (G127: Burning Down the House)

November 20 - 21: Fiery skeletons, ghoul hordes and mutant trolls don't faze the Company, but the one-two punch of a life-draining specter and a halberd-rusting insect wrack our heroes with horror. (G128: Ashes to Ashes, Rust to Rust)

November 28 - December 9: The Company makes contact with the wizard-goblins beneath the Chateau and engage in political shenanigans with Etienne d'Ambreville. Also, gargoyles. (G129: Guests of the Wizard-Goblins)

December 16: The Company returns to the room of magic tapestries where Hamish's magical panoply was lost. This time, they lose a friend. (G130: Cut Coutelain's Amazing Soul-Swapping Tapestry)

December 23 - 28: While seeking the body of Cut Coutelain — now occupied by an alien soul — the Company is embroiled in the machinations of the evil magic-user Kee-Tan Huul. (G131: The Search for Cut Coutelain)

December 29 - 30: In the Occupied Territories, the party sets two bandit companies against each other to regain Cut's body. (G132: Battle of the Bandit Bands)

December 31 - January 1: The Company returns to Bourbon en Auge to finish the matter of Kee-Tan Huul. (G133: The Heart of Kee-Tan Huul)

Year 211

January 8: Another visit to the Chateau reveals a powerful entity gathering charmed minions of every stripe. (G134: Guests of Li Fen)

outside of time: Various adventurers are drawn across the dimensions to a painted desert, where they agree to rescue captive townspeople from the fearsome Devil Gut Rock. (G135: Into the Desert Southwest)

outside of time: The party completes its task with the annihilation of Devil Gut Rock's undead master. (G136: Feathered Vampire Down)

January 15 - 16: Another expedition to the Chateau reveals insects, arthropods, and the fiery undead apparition of Chatelaine Magali. (G137: Chatelaine Aflame)

March 28 - 29: The Company finds a reliquary chamber dedicated to the founders of House D'Ambreville, and discover that the reliquary's treasures are well-guarded. (G138: Henri Le Phantasm)

April 5 - 8: An effort to beard the lich Marsile d'Ambreville goes poorly, but the ghost of Sandrine de Sylaire proves much more cordial. (G139: The Lich, the Ghost and the Jewels)

April 15 - May 1: Returning to the reliquary room yields great violence and great rewards. (G140: The Rings of Aliénor)

April 22: The Company's B-team tries the upper levels of the Chateau dungeons, encountering various unliving — yet animate — allies and enemies. (G141: The Walking Chair and the Water Weird)

May 5 - 7: When another venture to the reliquary room is aborted by hellhounds, the party tries the upper floors again, only to be accosted by irreverent gremlins and headless zombies. Tertullian is paid 1000gp for a month's work on retainer. (G142: Hellhounds and Gremlins)

May 5 - 20: Snickwick the gnome leads his companions Frognettle and Grittlesby to safety in the Muddlecarp burrows, while Martin offers his services to the wizard Micheline. (G142b: Martin Le Black in Micheline's Wandering Tower)

May 14 - 15: The Company clears out the reliquary room, but on the way home they unleash a trio of soul-sucking wights on their home base of Malinbois. (G143: Showdown at the Smoking Owl)

May 21 - 25: Roland is savaged by a werewolf the day before his wedding. While the party is in Touraine seeking a cure, they take the time to plumb a cave network for an ancient king's lost treasure. (G144: Nice Day for a Wolf Wedding)

May 29 - June 4: Efforts to finally track down the dragonet Eznegar lead first to a mystery, then to a battle royale against black-clad troops out of Sablestone. (G145: "They've Taken Our Dungeons & Dragons!")

June 11: After a cursory search for the seemingly departed Sablestone troops, the Company investigates the donjon. There they meet the undead remains of an orcish ally and do battle with a fire elemental. (G146: Chagahn Undead)

June 18: The Company negotiates with a wizard-goblin in a northern tower, then delves deep beneath the Chateau. There they find a spellbound maiden who is not at all what she seems. (G147: Releasing the Succubus)

June 25 - 28: Richard Loubeau — that stalwart captain of the Company of Crossed Swords — dies the final death. (G148: The Demise of Richard Loubeau)

July 5: As they wait for Richard's funeral procession to head south to Glantri City, a few Company captains explore the Chateau dungeons, discovering a new entrance and an unusual boulder. (G149a: Wyvern-Bones and Magnet-Stones)

July 6 - 9: A handful of second-stringers accept a lucrative contract to retrieve the Book of the Azure Crescent from an ancient sage's underground library. (G149b: Maalathiir's Library)

July 14 - August 11: An expedition to retrieve magic arms and armor from the hall of the dwarven smith Brakr goes awry. Pog, the last survivor of the original Company, perishes. (G149c: The Mourning Wight of Brakhill)

July 21 - 24: The Company's search for the hidden shrine of the Sword Princes leads them to pit traps, hideous demons, weird monsters and a trove of treasure. (G150: A Southward Search for Secret Doors)

July 31: The elf Glacier proves his worth by unlocking a wizard's hidden workroom with a much-maligned minor magic. (G151: Floating Disk For the Win)

August 7 - 10: After further exploration of the upper levels of the Chateau turns up little more than a dimwitted talking statue, the Company makes an ill-fated venture into the tower called the Serpent's Sting. (G152: Hungry Eye, Heartseeker Arrow)

August 14 - 15: An expedition to track down a "devil baby" leads the Company to a mysterious faerie manse. (G153: Trail of the Devil Baby)

August 14 - 21: Purchasing a treasure map brings the Company's second string into conflict with a small army of skinless men. (G154: Flayed Men)

August 28 - 30: A mapping expedition goes awry as the Company is ambushed by goblins and beset by traps. (G155: Boxed In By Bugbears)

September 6: The Company finally confronts the demon Ur-Groth, only to discover that it is but a shadow of its mistress's power. (G156: Shrine of the Sword Princes)

September 9: Information procured from literate rats leads the party to a haunted library. (G157: Writing With Rats)

September 13: A confrontation in a death-laden dining hall proves dangerous and lucrative. (G158: Dinner With Gwendoline d'Ambreville)

September 16: After making little progress with yet another mapping expedition, Ja'Tubis subcontracts the task to a band of inexperienced dwarves. (G159: Demon Boxes)

September 20: The Company finally confronts the mistress of the Shrine of the Sword Princes (G160: Arnara of the Swords)

September 27 - 28: While re-examining various old curiosities, our heroes discover that a Chaos god's shrine has a new occupant. (G161: Return to the Temple of Tzeentch)

September 27 - October 9: Martin le Black and Pigshit Pat lead a troop of hirelings against a troll lair in the Broken Lands. (G163: The Road to Vulture's Crag)

October 1 - 3: Several novice adventurers meet a variety of undignified ends. (G162: Shafted!)

October 12 - 14: After a flying insect-thing vandalizes the Company lodge, our heroes pursue it to its mysterious lair. (G164: Passager Reborn)

October 21: Sometimes you kill the goblins, and sometimes the goblins kill you. (G165: The Great Goblin Massacre)

October 22 - 25: Charlie Darrowkin follows a band of inexperienced adventurers far to the south to seek a legendary ruby. (G166: Into the Worm's Gullet)

October 28: "Cut" Coutelain deceives his companions for blood and profit. (G167: Routing Li Fen)

November 4 - 6: Our heroes return to the fourth floor library, where they find that logistics can be as perilous as any monster. (G168: Looting the Lesser Library)

November 20 - 21: The weird miracles of magic and monsters pall before the challenge of dragging six millstones up to the surface. (G169: Movin' Millstones)

November 28 - 29: The Company stomps around the third level of the Chateau, eventually finding an undead Hazart-Ambreville and seizing her few remaining possessions. (G170: Lessa's Laboratory)

December 6 - 10: The party explores a gallery of artifacts near the Stone Garden, and brings up a mysterious stone hand that spawns a heated argument. Soon the hand resurfaces in the depths of the Library in Glantri City, attached to the avatar of a chaos god with malevolent intentions. (G171: The Hand of Kastria, Part I and G172: The Hand of Kastria, Part II)

December 17: The Company slays a weird extra-dimensional humanoid beneath the Chateau. (G173: Den of the Deodanth)

December 24: Amid their first-ever negotiation with the Ssú, the Company is attacked by the wights of rival adventurers out for revenge. (G174: Final Flight of the Falcons)

Year 212

March 25 - April 11: When Pritchard's quest to cleanse the ruins of Bec-de-Florent proves too difficult, the Company returns to the Chateau and its terrible centipedes. (G175: Weekend at Barnaby's)

April 1: Another trip to the Chateau turns up a child wight, a magic hookah and far too many gargoyles. (G176: Rock Beats Blackjack)

April 12 - May 3: The party returns to the windy tower at Bec-de-Florent. There they battle bats, berate bandits and rake in ridiculous numbers of copper coins. (G177: Beneath the Windy Tower)

April ? - ?: An attempt to retrieve a kidnapped girl from satyrs results in a contest with a drunken Chaos godling. (G178: Shoot the Hostage)

April 28 - May 3: The Company wanders through a maze of twisty little passages, all alike. (G179: Remember the Forgotten Tomb!)

May 10 - 19: Our heroes tear through the unprepared inhabitants of Vulture's Crag until stiffening trollish resistance forces a temporary withdrawal. (G180: Vulture's Crag, Part I)

May 17 - 22: A third visit to the Forgotten Tomb pays off, as the Company finally unearths the resting place of the Warrior King. (G182: Felling the Forgotten King)

May 20 - June 1: Re-entering the Crag, the Company engages in a massive set-piece battle with the trollish horde. (G181: Vulture's Crag, Part II)

May 29 - June 5: Seeking the sword Élan, the Company encounters the original lords of Quasqueton — but not all is as it seems. (G183: The Lost Sword of Quasqueton, Part I)

June 12: A pit trap dumps our heroes into the bat-haunted caverns beneath Quasqueton. (G184: The Lost Sword of Quasqueton, Part II)

June 19: The Company discovers the Ambrevilles' menagerie of magically maintained monsters. (G185: Regret is a Chimera)

June 26: A music room confronts our heroes with a most unusual score. (G186: The Harpist's Dirge)

July 3: The chaos priest Ja'Tubis obtains a weird crystal skull. A modicum of hilarity ensues. (G187: Ja'Tubis and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

July 10: A bugbear magician with a magic wand almost proves to be the Company's undoing. (G188: Bloodnail's Fire)

Juneteenth: Something magical happens! (G189: The Session That Wasn't)

July 17 - August 7: The Company travels to Darokin and enters the Aerie of the Slave Lords. (G190: Cut's Mount Turns Out To Be A Rust Monster)

August 8: We discover that the Slave Lords are no matched for the Crossed Swords. (G191: The Murder of the Slave Lords)

August 9 - 30: Slaves are freed and a small city burned to the ground. Business as usual. (G192: Slave Revolt)

September 7 - 18: Pursuing rumors of the near-discovery of caverns associated with the ancient archmage Iggwilv, the party battles gnolls, ogres, stone giants and wyverns in their own search. (G193: In Search of Tsojcanth, Part I)

September 19 - October 3: Closing in on the caverns' location, the party douses a hill giant and goblin ambush and kills a blue dragon before a wild demonic encounter for Pritchard Hood. (G194: In Search of Tsojcanth, Part II)

October 10: An undead wizard's undying love for his dead spouse is grist for the Company's adventures. (G195: Love Beyond Death)

October 17: The Company eschews a disemboweled corpse's embrace for the Ambreville's trophy collection. (G196: The Trophy Room)

October 17 - 20: Four Keeps. Dwarves. Ogres. (G197: The Newkeep Claim)

October 21: Elves vs. beastmen. (G198: Treasure in the Cistern)

October 24: Four Keeps. Dwarves. Ogres. (G199: The Troglodyte Reservoir)

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