Ghost Tower Of Inverness

Long ago, the family d'Ivernesse, rulers of the town of Morlay, raised a tower above the headwaters of the River Loir. The family was known for its subtle magics; rather than manipulating the elements, their powers extended to the body, mind and spirit. They bound men and beasts and monsters to their service, and dissipated their energies in intrigues against one another and their rivals, most notably the family d'Ambreville.

The d'Ivernesse were exterminated in the civil war. The victors set the town ablaze, shattered their castle walls with siege engines, then stormed the place and killed everything that lived. Now the Tower of Inverness is a mossy ruin, a picturesque silhouette on a height, home only to birds and moths. But the woods are goblin-haunted, and some say that the ghosts of the family d'Ivernesse still haunt its broken halls…

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