Garrett Kragen

4th Level Scout & son of a retired Forester who is in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM related to the infamous erstwhile warlord of the same name. (and somewhere Patriarch Zekon has the proof)
He is a member of the Grey Company in (hopefully) good standing & does his best to make himself as useful as possible in their endeavors.

He is

  • Foolish
  • Agile (15 dex so this moniker may need to be corrected)
  • Healthy (15 Con so this too may need to be corrected)

He possesses uncanny accuracy and makes the best use that he can of the art of the silent strike either by bow or hand-held weapon.
His apprentice Kellen who just recently crossed over into Thracia shows signs of being even more talented that he is.

Possessions of note are:

  • A Grey cloak
  • 24 Silver-Tipped arrows
  • Thieves Tools
  • a Potion of Poison which really would like to be rid of
  • A pelt from a Displacer Beast soon to be made into a cloak
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