Ganril the Once Great
Player Peter Tierney
Class Fighting-Man
Title Swordsman
Alignment Lawful
Languages Common, Orc
Strength 5 exceptionally feeble
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 6 foolhardy
Dexterity 13 skilled
Constitution 7 frail
Charisma 13 inspirational
Armor old chain
Weapons magic sword, long bow (loosely strung)
Magic Items
"Conqueror Zan" Magic 2-handed Sword. Ego 12: Detects metal & meals (loves); Detects Law & Shifting/Sloping (loves); Detects Chaos & Secret Doors (hates). Intelligence: 12: Detects Thoughts; On Hit - Charm

XP - 7075 + Sphinx treasure

Gold - 1935

Ganril was one of the mightiest warriors in the land. With the claiming of Conqueror Zan, no foe could stand before him. Of course, that was about 50 years ago. All that's left of the golden years is a skinny, old man in rusty chain looking to recapture his glory. Well, it's actually Conqueror Zan looking for glory. Ganril just wants to take a nap.

Appeared in Sessions: 44

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