G71: Carousing and Intersession

Carousing and intersession for G71: Ape and Essence


Snickwick burst into the little apartment over the cobblers shop, his arms full of books, notes and scrolls, his eyes bloodshot and bulging, it appears he hasn't slept in some time…

"Frognettle, do you remember the stories of Green David?! Please tell me! I think I may be on the verge of my greatest invention ever!"

"Of course!" Putting down her word puzzle, Frognettle clears her throat and begins a sing-song cant "When the spring sister passes closest to the moon, He flies around to visit all the good little gnomelings. He leaves sweets and toys in a little basket by the window! Then, everybody gathers 'round the… "

"No no! Not that part! I know that part! I mean the other stuff, the stories great uncle Frigwhipple used to tell about when Green David was a boy, and how he chased the snakefolk back across the sea!"

" Hmm… Yeah… I… I guess I remember some of that… They say he could fly around the world in a single day on the back of an albatross. He could sing up to the clouds, and call down the sun, rain, or even lightening bolts! He could speak to animals of the forest and the trees themselves, just like you and me are talking now! But come on now Snick, those are just kids stories… Snick? … Where did he go?"

Snickwick had long held that "magic" was simply an application of humours, energies and sound philosophical principle. But his encounter with the Mushroom king had opened his mind. Perhaps there was in fact some transitive connection between all living things, some inexplicable, metaphysical soul that bound all living creatures together, beyond the explainings of sound scientific principle. His visions in the King's chamber had opened the windows of his consciousness, and the rainbow light of inspiration had poured in.

The legends of his youth resonate with the growing power inside him. Perhaps some of the legends of Green David were true. Perhaps a diligent gnome could understand this "principle of unifying spirit" and apply it, like fire to metal to forge a new understanding, a new science!

This is a carousing attempt. Snickwick will begin a study of great Gnomish Enchanters. He would need to start from a corner he comprehends clearly. Snickwick will use the scroll of speak with plants an his library pass to gather any stories he can find of the Gnomish enchanters of old, and compare their spells to the runes, symbols and words he can interpret from the scroll (hopefully this doesn't actually use the scroll, as he is not necessarily casting the spell). Snickwick has an Intelligence of 15, and 787gp.

For the next week, Snickwick remains cloistered with his books and scrolls. He reads until his eyes are red and the candles have burned down to stumps. Then he begins his first experiment. Burning weird herbs and inhaling their smoke, he chants a muddle of barely-understood incantations while encircling himself with a circle of occult-looking runes. He begins to nod off as the herbs set his mind adrift. He feels the ancient magic of his people run through him in strange ways.

Then he sees a light.

Forcing his eyes open, he peers out the second-story window of the Malinbois cobbler's shop. Outside, he sees an equine shape hovering in midair. Its body is made of flowers that glow from within. Its wings are delicate rainbow shimmers. Garlands dangle from its emerald antlers.

It beckons to him. Groggily, he rises.

The next morning, when Snickwick does not come out for breakfast, Frognettle looks into his room. The window is open, and the ashes of his experiment dance about in an autumn breeze. Snickwick himself is nowhere to be seen.

(You rolled a 5, spending 500gp and gaining 500xp. Having just failed his saving throw, Snickwick spends the next session engrossed in a weird and wonderful experience with psychedelic nature spirits.)


Rusty is anxious. In the past, his miraculous abilities seemed guided by nothing but his whims; later, they seemed related somehow to an indefinite presence watching over him in his dreams. More recently, however, this presence has become a strange voice. Worse, it is not alone: His more frightening visions are a cacophony of commands, with the Presence, Pritchard Hood, and Snickwick all joyously singing ditties of conflicting advice… and joined by still more voices, somehow familiar but unidentifiable. During his dreams, Rusty is not at all unhappy, but upon waking he is gripped with fear. He decides he needs help, and seeks out the counsels of Neva outside Malinbois.

Rusty carouses in Malinbois, buying gifts, reagents, offerings and anything else Neva requires to turn her supernatural gaze onto the source of his powers.

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