G65: Carousing and Intersession

This is the post-session/carousing page for G65: No Manticores, Plenty of Scrubs

Martín Le Black

A merry din rumbles in the halls of the Company Lodge in Malinbois.  In a roughly finished meeting hall, a sordid and terrible assembly is gathered.  The  Crossed Swords Mercenary Company is joined for a rare meeting of their full membership.  

A vast map is rolled out on a table, two markers indicate Glantri City and the Isle of Pearl.  A compelling case is made for  the wealth, glory, and knowledge sure to be gained from a journey to the Isles of Pearl.

Martín Le Black and his confederates are planning an excursion to the Isles under night blackened sail in the coming week. Hanna, Robert, Richard and several other brave souls, chart their course, and consider a variety of ingenious plots to profit from their covert tranversal of Darokinese waters. All members and henchmen are encouraged to join. Shiver me timbers.

Martín will carouse a meeting with the Agreus and the contacts he has suggested.  Le Black will will look to negotiate passage to and from the Isle of Pearl for all participating members and henchmen.  Successes could include:

* A captain and ship willing to brave the contested waters, and take the company to the Isles of Pearl.
* The ship is well provisioned and staffed with hearty sailors and marines
* The captain is trustworthy. 
* The captain will offer to accept some service from the company to lessen or eliminate the cost of the voyage.

Hop-Frog Berbatov

The pudgy dwarf is happy to serve as majordomo to the unfinished Malinbois lodge while the main party is away. This never changes. Yet he frets anxiously as preparations are made. He has spent some time in Glantri City, though not enough to develop deep contacts. Still, he would like to see what he can find out about the political and military situation along the Darokin border, above it, and beyond. He has spent time as field nurse, and also worked inside a smaller house of nobility, and so is familiar with mess halls and the petty squabbles and jealousies of minor houses. He will carefully omit that it was on the Darokin side that he served for some months, nor explicitly that it was the venal, mostly-disappateded House of Cannaloj where he served as bodyguard and nanny.

Hop-Frog has an Intelligence bonus of +1 but a Charisma penalty of -1. Ideal picks are:

* He learns where troops have been lately on both sides, and perhaps names of leaders.
* He intuits a key behavior or route to getting through unmolested.
* He raises no suspicions about his former associations.
* He learns the identity of a neutral or friendly figure in the region who can help.

Note: he has 650gp and so may go into debt.

Hanna Darowkin, 1st Carouse

Hanna has one carouse left from last week (post-Storm Tower) and one this week (post-De Sang's Delve).

With arm strapped to her side to isolate her broken shoulder and limping around for the painful broken ribs, at first Hanna enjoys the attention from the hausfraus and shopkeepers she has befriended near the Malinbois lodge, but soon grows bored with her restrictions of movement.

She takes copies of whatever extra notes she can grab about the fashioning of flesh golems, along with the two massive hands she cut from the fallen golem corpse, and find out who of our contacts in Glantri City might be able to use these magics to knit her bones faster. This includes Alzenia Hazart, Walid Ophuls, Tresimon, Peugeot, and possibly Josephine.

Hanna has a high Charisma, average Intelligence, and, demonstrably, low Wisdom. Successes might include:

* The contact succeeds in using the magics to blend and tie and heal the bones faster.
* The magic does not carry any weird side effects.
* The magic has lasting benefits.
* Shadowy figures do not catch wind of the business and flesh golemly powers afoot.

Hanna Darowkin, 2nd Carouse

Taking for granted that the last carouse hasn't killed her, Hanna will then carouse (for the second week) looking for more information on Ululaya, the Scarlet Moon, and the temple they are seeking. Is the 'scarlet' moon related to a regionally visible heavenly aspect? Are there other names of Ululaya to look for? Are there races of beings associated with her? Are there gifts considered proper to her bring priest(ess)es of the sect? Is there an area in specific that we are looking for, related to the Isle of Pearls?

Options for success include:

* Hanna learns more specifics about the scarlet moon itself, races and clerics, and other aspects of Ululaya.
* Hanna learns more geographic specifics about the temple and what to look for.
* Hanna learns what kinds of gifts to bring and/or preparations to make, best to approach the cult, both for Martin and herself.
* This information is straightforward and unmistakeable.


His mind at ease now that his studies have been resumed, Ja' turns his attention to the practical and decides it's high time to investigate the local clergy and learn a bit about local religion/introduce himself on friendly terms. The very first step of this is, of course, to seek out the local government and make sure he is fully welcome here. Ja' will seek out the local governmental body and attempt to fill out any requisite paperwork needed to act as a fully legal religious figure, including any licenses needed to practice clerical magic. After that he will visit all the major local temples he can find and formally introduce himself.

Ja' has a +1 Cha modifier, but only has 500 gold. He may go into debt if a 6 is rolled. Also, I was completely wrong before when I thought he hit level 2 the other night, since for some reason I can not explain I decided that clerics hit level 2 at 1250xp and not 1500.

Options for success include:

* Ja' becomes fully licensed to practice clerical magic in the surrounding area.
* Ja' will not be forced to carry out any additional tasks/pay any additional prices for the local government to approve his magic license.
* Ja' does not in any way offend the local government or many any political enemies.
* Ja' makes a friendly local religious contact.
* Ja' does not make any local religious enemies.

Rusty Buckles (II)

The li'l cleric of chaos will caper to the nearest provincial burg (maybe Malinbois?) and blow whatever gold he can on whatever debauchery is available, gamboling about singing ditties about how his petty defenses of the new Goblin Boss's position brought about his overlord's doom.

Rusty rolled a 2, earning 200xp and spending 200gp. His save was a 20 (radical success!)- one of his doggerel songs has caught on as an anthem of bar-room patriotism, wending its way all the way back to Glantri. People may not know who (or what) Rusty Buckles is, but his name is invoked like Yankee Doodle Dandy in the ale-halls of the great City.

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