G100: Carousing and Intersession

Carousing and inter-session planning for G100: The Unlucky Thirteen


Martín Le Black

Frantic hoofbeats shatter the frosty fastness of night in the city of Wizards. Through the main gate and down the Avenue of the Mother, a wild band of horses and riders fly like men pursued. Only the most desperate of men would be abroad on this bitter night, and after their deadliest battle yet the Company of Crossed Swords are desperate indeed.

In the lead is a great black beast of a steed, a creature of nightmares, its mouth thick with foam, it's flanks and forelocks running with blood, a heavy steam pouring from its sweat drenched flanks like smoke from the very pits of hell. No less terrifying is the burden it bears - two men, one wild eyed and ravening, the other propped stiffly in front of the rider, spine arched unnaturually, his ruggedly handsome face blanched and locked in a rictus grin. A bizarre light emanates from this terrible form, a chaotic spray of colors vivid and unnatural, pulsing with some abberent life, their source best left unexplored.

Reaching the Temple of Trianomma, Richard Loubou bounds down from his beast, dragging at the death-stiff body of Martín Le Black, balanced across the saddle. Heaving and cursing at his burden, the elf Murderrin arrives to haul Le Black up the time worn steps of the Temple of Triannoma, each hauling at one stiffened leg as the fighter's heavy kit clangs along the wide steps.

Pounding with the butt of his magic blade, the dabbler's blows resound through the high halls of the temple nave as he screams in a ragged urgency "Open these doors, open them NOW you Punctilious prayer wenches! The hero Martín le Black is poisoned, his soul fleeing for the ether even as we speak! Hurry with your magics, hasten your prayers, OPEN THE DOORS!"

Richard Loubou and Murderrin (and any other Swordsmen who I may have missed) will attempt to negotiate a barter - the priceless chaotic artifact Bazilien in exchange for the resurrection of Martín Le Black! Is it a straight trade, might the sisters wish to provide Le Black with some tool to fight chaos? Who can say!?

Martin is successfully resurrected after a life changing meeting with Trianomma in the afterlife, and an intervention by Hamish that may change the face of Bossdom forever (juicy details in comments).


Roland has been affected by the recent events in the Company of Crossed Swords. He's a bit older now than when he joined the Company, and older still from when he left his farm with Wolfric Zanzibar more than a year and a half ago. Evangelista's demands and the lives it cost has matured him a bit and reinforced his loyalty to the CoCS. This adventuring game is not all living lustily, spending ill-gotten gold, and seducing wanton wenches. No, there is a darker element to it, and Roland, while still full of mirth and youth, resolves to be wary and more engaged in the goings-on about him. It may yet save his life.

Roland spends time in Glantri City, after following Richard Loubeau there, drinking to forget his troubles and regaling all listeners with tales of the great deeds of Martin Le Noir and urging them to visit the Temple of Trianomma to see Martin lying in state. He reminds them to offer alms for the deceased and to seek absolution from the High Priest so that, gods forbid, when they meet their maker, they make do so with a heart as light as Martin the Black's.

(With any luck, Trianomma's clergy will view these actions favorably when we come groveling to them to have Martin raised)

Over the following month, Roland pours money into publicans' fists and ale down his own throat. He speaks zestily of the Company's adventures to all and sundry. Many of his fellow taverngoers buy him a drink or two, and no small number speak of visiting the Temple of Trianoma to seek absolution from the Matriarch — or, far less often, of giving alms. He also stirs up a couple of tavern brawls when mercenary bravos take offense at Roland's implicit denigration of "lesser adventuring bands," but he gives as good as he gets. In the end, he wakes to an empty purse, an unpleasant taste in his mouth, and a taverner's pounding at his door to demand payment of his bar tab.

(You rolled a 5, spending 750gp. As you only had 712gp, you earn 712xp from your increased skill at intoxicated hand-to-hand combat — bringing you to 4th level — and are in debt for 38gp. You rolled a 19 on your saving throw: success!)

Richard Loubeau

Richard Loubeau is having a life-changing conversion to the faith of Trianoma. After his vigil for Martin, he seeks out an audience with Sommelinde to discuss his clerical ambitions.

Hamish the Dim

Hamish is a mere 1,000 exp from level 5, and he'd like to reprint his informational pamphlets to reflect the recent reformation of the Holy Temple of the Boss to breach the gap.

Le Black will sit in consultation with Hamish as he revises the Boss’s doctrine, reflecting on their encounter with Trianomma, wrestling with the challenging philosophical issues that must arise in the rebirth of Bossism. He will buy a flowy white robe and some sandals to wear during these hours of reflection (while the high vicar of the boss presumably remains in the nude for the pursuit of matters spiritual?). While he has very little physical capital to contribute to Hamish’s undertaking, he is spiritually flush, and will donate generously from this bonanza.

After returning to the physical plane, Hamish spends several days consulting with Martin, the end result of which is a leaflet full of CAPITAL LETTERS and meandering — yet strangely compelling — arguments in favor of worshiping the Boss. Hamish provides several hundred pieces of gold to a local engraver to have it printed, then pays various urchins to distribute the leaflet throughout the city. Various persons in Glantri are seen peering at such leaflets and scratching their heads in confusion; a few go on to debate the meaning of the thing with nearby cheesemongers and cabbage merchants.

(You rolled a 6, spending 900gp and earning 900xp from your increased awareness — if not understanding — of matters both spiritual and linguistic. Your saving throw is a 14: success!)

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