Frost Giants

In Hruhrudingfallor, long ago the Church of the Killing Frost developed a prayer that allows a dying breath, or air expelled from the lungs of a corpse, to condense on a piece of chilled metal, forming letters of frost that carry messages from beyond. A vault below the church holds sheaf after sheaf of these revelations, organized by no system other than inspiration and synchronicity. One of the pieces of chilled metal reads:

"Most men will never love the Killing Frost, but it is easy to make them fear it. Frost giants do share the love of our master, and are thus feared by their lesser kin."

E.N. Lightenment scoured Hruhrudingfallor, buying up the good things in life and sacrificing them on the altar of the Killing Frost, to gain a vision of the frost giants during Session 26. He was granted a vision of an unusual number of frost giants encamped in the mountains to the northeast of Belltower, building temporary fortifications. The vision suggested that they were accompanied by other, warmer allies about which the vision provided less information.

Further prayer revealed that:

- the frost giants were waiting until winter, when it would be cold enough for them to descend from the mountaintops and march on the Stronghold of the First Principles

- they are doing so because their prayers for guidance were answered by Deaconess Caja of the Church of the Killing Frost who helped them divine the location of the thieves who stole from the treasure room of King Snurre's vassal.

The leader of the frost giants, and their relationship to Snurre, is not known.

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