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Principalities of Glantri
Eric's Glantri game (Moldvay Red Box D&D with house rules)
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Scheduling and logistics
3148625by Blue LightningBlue Lightning
28 Sep 2023 01:53Jump!
Adventurers and adventuring
851047by OtspIIIOtspIII
29 Sep 2013 15:49Jump!
Developing the setting
29216by naked samurainaked samurai
01 May 2014 16:48Jump!
Rules and procedures to follow or question
42360by fonerfoner
27 Mar 2013 17:54Jump!
Exalted Third Edition
Creation is a flat world floating on a sea of chaos called the Wyld. Once, in the First Age, a great civilization spanned Creation entire, but in the fallen Age of Sorrows, shattered city-states scrabble to survive, struggling under the oppressive boot of the Realm.
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When and where
853by fonerfoner
17 May 2016 20:30Jump!
North, South, East, and West (and also Center)
11by QuendalonQuendalon
30 Oct 2015 07:05Jump!
How many dice in your pool?
37by naraoianaraoia
02 Nov 2015 18:17Jump!
The Lost City of Thracia
Tavis's "Ecumenical D&D Game," a mixture of Moldvay's Lost City and Jaquays's "Caverns of Thracia"
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Tavis's Play-by-Post Game
821800by perilothperiloth
11 Jan 2014 04:59Jump!
Can't we all just get along?
55396by James_NostackJames_Nostack
26 Oct 2012 14:26Jump!
Deep Thought should have just rolled 6d8
881241by RidiculossusRidiculossus
08 Jan 2018 16:00Jump!
Adrian's Play-by-Post Game
298by RidiculossusRidiculossus
10 Sep 2011 02:09Jump!
Brief Excursions
One-Shots of D&D or other Role-Playing Games
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Sternum's Pendragon game
17228by fonerfoner
02 Apr 2014 19:58Jump!
Marvel FASERIP and related systesms, with maybe rotating GM's
719by Blue LightningBlue Lightning
25 Mar 2015 19:48Jump!
Charlatan's maritime D&D adventures
233by CharlatanCharlatan
18 Dec 2014 17:39Jump!
Oban's OD&D megadungeon
639by ObanOban
26 May 2012 02:30Jump!
Foner's AD&D 1e By-the-Book Game
5520by Blue LightningBlue Lightning
10 Mar 2015 16:08Jump!
1913966by michaelh1142michaelh1142
09 May 2019 05:17Jump!
Discussions of Games-in-Progress; preface with [Game]
14102by Blue LightningBlue Lightning
29 May 2013 06:58Jump!
1591272by Blue LightningBlue Lightning
11 Dec 2020 02:44Jump!
experiments, questions, speculation, ideas about RPG's in general
82673by VariantOnJeffRVariantOnJeffR
23 Jan 2015 15:21Jump!
Site Matters
Technical problems, complaints, threats, etc.
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This is where you go to introduce yourself and ask questions
41250by zondervanzondervan
14 Apr 2016 20:44Jump!
Say hello, arrange meet-ups, bitch about people
2531818by FredHFredH
08 Feb 2017 02:01Jump!
What did James do wrong this time?
25168by QuendalonQuendalon
31 Oct 2013 23:03Jump!

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