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I randomly checked in. I didn't get a notification.

Re: D&D Classic - keep it alive. by fonerfoner, 26 Sep 2023 15:05

Hi Foner! Did you randomly check in or actually get a notification? If those have been fixed the forum would be back to being useful.

Hey! I still check in here sometimes. Happy to see that someone else does, too.

Re: D&D Classic - keep it alive. by fonerfoner, 22 Sep 2023 15:56

Testing… I've read that notifications may be back at Wikidot. If anyone reads this PLEASE post to let me know.

Hi omniwinter, Not sure what you mean by downloadable in desktop, its a tabletop rpg, but I'm sure the book is available in PDF form from drivetrhuprg if that's what you mean. This particular group seems to have petered out.

Is the game downloadable in desktop?? Thanks for your answers!

Hey Michael,

I'm the most recent admin, and AFAIK the only one who takes a peek here once in a while.

I recently met you at the OSR D&D game a couple weeks ago. I didn't get any notification of this post or I would have responded then. Need to figure out why it didn't. Let me know if you get a ping from this.

Like I said, if that game gets past 3 or 4 sessions or so and looks like it'll to keep on going, my plan is to move the scheduling here, but that's of course only if Wikidot is working as it should.

I'm running a regular classic D&D game. Tuesday nights at Fifth Hammer Brewery.

This is classic D&D experience. An open table game exploring a massive dungeon. If you are interested, let me know!


I'm an old player in Eric's Glantri game. Some great fun and good times!

I'm curious if this place is still active at all. If not shouldn't it be revisited?

Stranger Things, OSR, D&D 5E are all pointing to an old school style play… it is a revitalized style that was once forsaken, but maybe time to come back? Who currently admins this site? Would anyone mind transferring admin to me?

I want to bring Red Box D&D back to NYC. I want to provide a place for old school D&D to flourish. A place to show that there is more to D&D than just adventure paths, optimized builds, DPR and feats. A place where your skill and mettle matter more than the numbers on a piece of paper.

If anyone who owns this site is still around… consider transferring admin to me. I'd love to push this further.


Actually, disregard this. I asked the same questions in 2011. But I'll leave the comment here since there's not much else.

To those of you who remember the crazy stuff that happened in Tavis' games, let me ask you this.

Say you were an absolutely terrible game master who was exceedingly negative. What would be 3-5 essential responses this GM could fall back on to push the game in a Thracia kind of direction? What materials would you suggest, if any?

Brainstorming question by RidiculossusRidiculossus, 08 Jan 2018 15:45

Golmak provides a map of the Starbase Keppler. "This is a very simple map, of course. The black lines do not show all the walls, merely those constructed of space-strength alloys, and therefore impeneterable by all but starship-grade beam fire. The black circle in the center represnts the alien construct the starbase is built around. It has never been explored, and resists all our scans.

"There are some access conduits not shown, large enough for most bipeds to crawl through, as per Confederation policy. However, they do not make complete passages from on end of the station to the other. You might use them to bypass certain areas, though.

"I am sure you will come up with a plan which will give us great success!"

Golmak awaits any questions the crew may have about Keppler and its contents.

By the way, Intersession 3 comes between Game Sessions 4 and 5? Very confusing while trying to refresh myself on the timeline and/or find certain events.

Can we use something more intuitive going forward? :-)

Maybe use Mission date(s) covered instead?

Communications Officer’s Log, Mission date: xxxxxxx
Ensign Tintarella Di Luna

Commanding Officer White-Linen ordered a shipwide installation of preventative countermeasures to presumptive data and operational control invasion by former Chief Engineer and current felino-ubercyborg Katzenjammer. Have fulfilled command, purposefully not researching Katzenjammer’s previous work in the area, to avoid even subconsciously using methods familiar or predictable to him.

This method was possibly needless as his mind may well be beyond all correlation with humanoid thought processes, as it is now merged with cat, robot, and alien ship’s computer. This officer was not assigned to Endeavor at time of merging, and upon first reading of associated log entry, I remain unclear on percentages, and which— if any— were only metaphorical representation of the incident. I have heard officers refer to “liquid cat brain” but have not had sufficient opportunity to inquire specifics.

Unknown whether this unique state of mind will prove to be to our advantage, or his.

My surprisingly well-received suggestion of positronic data-simulation of catnip does depend on said state though, and it is the only active offense being worked on currently. For historical purposes, I feel duty bound to note I was joking. If it proves to contribute to the solution, I can only credit the Science Crew of the Endeavor for finding validity in the concept.

Drafted Nextkin Casualty Notification Spacemail to Arnanson family of record, sent to CO for approval and signature.

Previously noted concern for CO’s offer to falsify System Survey Report and give valuable mining rights to Rogan in return for information and cooperation is now determined to be unfounded, as CO subsequently made same offer to others, indicating offer must be false (at least on one account, but a pattern is emerging). Bad faith negotiations of Space Fleet Officers are also a concern, but a considerably lesser one, and subject to mitigating circumstances, unlike Theft of Confederation Resources. The mandatory waiting period for transmitting a Superior Officer Offense Report is a wise regulation.

Golmak shakes his head, and shuts off the data tape of Katzenjammer's broadcast. "Not too bad, not too bad. A little megalomania, might panic the colonies, maybe he's already converting the people on board Keppler, but not too bad."

[from sternum]

Broadcast on all frequencies throughout the Drift on repeat:

Katzenjammer (in his best Col. Kurtz): My labors in recreating a mechanical body were short-sighted. I see now the endless potential before me. With my positronic brain acting as an interface, I can be anything… EVERYTHING! Why settle for a simple bipedal existence when I can be a starship, a space station, or… a SWARM. A swarm of drones… the KATZWARM! HA HA!


Katzenjammer: And I need not be alone in this… ENDEVOUR. With a few simple modifications, the positronic brain can be adapted to anyone… EVERYONE! Upgrades for us all! We will all join the ZWARM! (cough)

With the unrest on LN 1-3 now resolved, the crew of the Endeavor must now return to Starbase Keppler to rescue the fifty people there from the invasive cat-drones that have taken over. But how far are they willing to go, when the leader of the cat drones is one of their own? Can they save Ensign Katzenjammer, or will they have to destroy him to save the people on board Keppler?

This thread will be for the events of the two-day journey to Starbase Keppler. In-character log entries yield XP.

So far, these are the activities underway:

  • Sp. Chloe Brown is researching positronic catnip, which will be ready just as you arrive at Keppler
  • Ens. Di Luna has programmed electronic counter-measures into the ship's computer to prevent Katzenjammer-Drone from hacking it.
  • Sub-Lt. Golmak has connected 5 neural interfaces with the Katzenjammer-Drone consciousness, which are in the repair dock, which is currently swarming with cat-drones.

Golmak is available to answer questions about Keppler.

Have at it!

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