Fifi Vichyssoise
Player skatay
Class Cleric 1
Title Acolyte
Alignment Lawful
Special Cleric stuff, wields sword
Strength 9
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 11
Dexterity 10
Constitution 9
Charisma 11
Armor Class 2
Hit Points 6
XP Total 826
Wealth -242gp

Fifi Vichyssoise: sturdy, competent, if a bit unexceptional, known to be the daughter of human house servants of the Ivernesse family. She holds only the basic structure of what was her mother's beauty, but none of it's alluring subtlety. Nor does she hold the dark complexion or beady eyes of her father. Her education and armor were sponsored by anonymous benefactors and their goblin messengers. Her shield bears a silver insignia of an owl clutching a serpent in it's claws, which Fifi has taken extreme pains to paint over with the symbol of her convent. It was suggested her training was complete and that she leave the convent when she uncharacteristically struck a superior who suggested a resemblance to the mad Rainier D'Ivernesse.

Equipment: Platemail, shield, Long sword/holy symbol, 2 throwing hammers, backpack, 1 week standard rations, 6 torches, waterskin, 50' rope.

Sister Fifi is a former member of the Convent of the Anointed Sword
Members of this convent have, as a special perk, the ability to wield swords as their single exception to the usual clerical restrictions, because the sword itself is a ritual item and holy symbol when properly oiled and invoked. The convent trains women to spread the word by destroying abominations rather than preach a specific word, as such, it is a morally restrictive convent.

Fifi's adventure/XP tally:
Session 101: +100 XP for showing up post session 100, 426 XP & 358 gps earned investigating the inverted Wizard's tower near a farm. Carousing gave another 300 XP with a debt of another 300 gps.

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