Farkas Fulmont
Player blizack
Class Fighter 2
Title Warrior
Alignment Neutral
Special Languages (Common)
Strength 16 (+2 to hit, damage; +10% to earned XP)
Intelligence 8 (can write simple Common words)
Wisdom 11
Dexterity 6 (-1 on ranged "to hit" rolls, initiative; +1 penalty to armor class)
Constitution 9
Charisma 10 (no reaction adjustment; max. 4 retainers; 7 morale)
Armor Class 3
Hit Points 14
Special Ability
Iron Stomach: Capable of eating almost anything without ill effect.
Noteworthy Possessions
Silverstrike (a hand axe +1), polearm, plate armor, shield, and two phials of the Milk of Trianoma (potions of healing)

Farkas Fun Facts:
Farkas' father, Bertalan, was a teacher of astrology in the service of an Elven noble. He showed his pet raven, Yozo, more affection than he ever did his wife.
Farkas' mother, Zita, was an obsessively evangelical worshipper of the Builder.
Farkas has four siblings: two brothers (Kazmer and Vili) and two sisters (Anika and Gizella, the latter of whom is illegitimate). He has one surviving grandparent: his grandfather, Lorinc.
When Farkas was a sickly youth of 5 years, his "Uncle" Ildo (not actually a relative, but a friend of the family) filled his head with stories of high adventure and derring-do.
At age 13, the frail Farkas contracted a gastric flux that should have been fatal, but he miraculously survived. Following his recovery he found he could eat nearly anything without ill effect, and subsequently gained astonishing amounts of weight.
Farkas "befriended" a prostitute named Virag at the age of 16. He carries a torch for her to this day.
When he turned 18, Farkas patriotically volunteered for military service and served as a foot soldier for four years. Two years into his tour of duty, his company was ambushed by a superior force of hobgoblins. His best friend, Sebastien, was slain in the attack. Farkas and his surviving comrades were taken prisoner and thrown into a musty storeroom filled with spoiled provisions. Left for weeks on end, Farkas watched as his companions starved, unable to eat the moldering rations. Farkas not only survived, but had gained weight by the time he was rescued.
Farkas returned from his tour of duty to find that the Fulmont estate had been burned to the ground in a terrible fire, in which both parents perished. His remaining family blamed the ineptitude of goblin servants.
Shaken, Farkas turned to banditry, waylaying hapless travelers for the next few years. Eventually, he decided to seek his fortunes in the (ostensibly) more legitimate work as an adventurer, but he was still occasionally recognized by men of the road.
Sadly, the very day that Farkas declared himself a Captain of the Company of Crossed Swords, he was overwhelmed by gnolls in the recesses of the dungeons of Chateau d'Ambreville - an ambush sickeningly similar to the one that took the life of his dearest friend years before, and one that sealed Farkas' fate.
Farkas is best remembered for the "First Fulmont Invitational Contest of Copious Consumption", an eating contest he sponsored in the village of Malinbois.
Not long after he was killed, Farkas was encountered beneath the Chateau, having risen from the dead as a cannibalistic ghoul. He devoured one of Hamish's zealot followers before the cleric managed to turn him. The ghoul Farkas hungrily prowled the dungeons for weeks until he was finally destroyed by the arch-illusionist Robert Hazart, but not before he had nearly eaten his former boon companion, Pritchard Hood.

Farkas was a rotund man of immense size, with a balding head (but an impressive mustache). He generally wore an affable if somewhat vacant expression. Farkas was seemingly perpetually hungry, but otherwise relatively easy-going. He had little tolerance for evangelicals or for goblins.

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