Evangelista De Sylaire

"Her name's Lady Evangelista," says Odd.

Gathring nods. "She seems to really know her stuff. She's offered some help exploring the place, in exchange for a full record of anything we see in there, and the first option to buy anything we find that catches her fancy. But just us and her contingent's not nearly enough to survive down there." Both dwarves shudder. Gathring drains his mug. "So we thought of you fellows. Are you interested?"

"She never said anything about her House," Gathring admits, "but she's got that blue and gold coat of arms in a few places in her tower. The one with the gold partizan spearheads on a blue field."

"House Sylaire," says Odd.

"Yes, that's the one. As to her people, I'm not sure how many she's planning to send, but it's not a full adventuring company's worth. But she does have some kind of golem."

Odd stares into the dregs of his beer. "It's got a creepy eye," he observes.

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