Ruling House: Erewan

Erewan is a hilly, thinly wooded province in the Occupied Territories of Glantri. From its heights, one can look toward Glantri City to the north, Blackhill to the west and Trintan to the east. To the south and southeast, the land rises toward the jagged peaks of the Broken Lands.

Compared to its neighbors, Erewan is small, lightly populated and of little overall importance. The town of Erendyl and a handful of farming villages cling to the Red River in the north, but the rest of the province is the domain of loggers, furriers and other assorted hill folk. A few isolated settlements of Elves and Halflings lie hidden in the high hills.

Darokin troops maintain a small presence along the river, only moving into the hills to suppress the worst excesses of hillfolk bandits or to repel humanoid raiders from the Broken Lands. Most highland troublemakers, such as the Chaos cultists of Woebringer House, are given free rein so long as they do not interfere with trade.

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