Player Peter Tierney
Class Cleric
Title Village Priest
Alignment Lawful
Languages Common
Strength 7
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 9
Dexterity 13 skilled
Constitution 16 exceptionally tough
Charisma 11
Armor chain
Weapons mace
Magic Items
Scroll: Doom, Scroll: Finger of Death
Special Abilities
Hologram, Portable Emitter

**XP - **

**Gold - **

"Please state the nature of your clerical emergency!" EPC stands for Emergency Phantasmal Cleric. It is part of the emergency systems installed inside the rocket ship. Upon detecting wounded passengers during the last voyage, the ship activated the holographic EPC as protocols demanded. However, EPC refused to return to its dormant state and instead travels with the Grey Company via its portable emitter.

Appeared in Sessions: 44

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