EN Lightenment
Player Carl
Class Cleric
Title Lama (7th level)
Alignment Chaotic
Languages Unknown
Strength 10
Intelligence 16 bright
Wisdom 13 insightful
Dexterity 13 skillful
Constitution 10
Charisma 5 laughable
Armor Plate (+4) & shield
Weapons Mace +2
Magic Items
Scroll: Speak w/ Animals, Cure Serious Wounds, Protection from Evil 10' Radius, Remove Curse (MU), Grey Company Cloak
Special Ability
Level 1: Feel Your Pain: Upon touching another creature, can understand what's causing creature pain or sorrow
Level 4: Killing Frost: Can summon an avatar of the Killing Frost whenever wanted. Roll to turn undead. It's as powerful as a creature as could be turned by that roll. Controls it as long as he concentrates on it. On a turning roll of 2, it is automatically uncontrolled.
Item of Note
When he was last resurrected, he came back without a right arm. This has been replaced by a functioning arm made of iron.

Edward Nathan Lightenment was born of noble blood in the far away kingdom of Sylvania. He learned of humanity's excesses and was disgusted by it all. He joined the Church of the Killing Frost and followed faithfully in that path, learning what he could do to help rid the world of humanity's failings. Once he learned enough to go out on his own, he worked for a time as a chaplain and healer in Kalazar's Traveling Circus. While there, he met Merselon the Magnificent. Upon learning of Merselon's passing, he sought out Merselon's companions in the Grey Company in order that he might follow in his footsteps.

If anything were ever to happen to him that he could not recover from, he asks that his wealth be used to start (or continue if he has already started) work on building a new church. A building will have to be built, priests trained, and worshippers recruited. It should be in the vicinity of Belltower, or somewhere else suitable. He has started to question the tenets and current leadership of the Church of the Killing Frost. This new church shall be called the Reformed Church of the Killing Frost. It will follow many of the same tenets as the original church. However, whereas the original church is intent on wiping out all of humanity because of its decadence, the Reformed Church believes that individuals can be saved if they mend their ways.

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