Elphy (Deceased)

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Player skatay
Class Elf
Title Veteran-Medium
Alignment Neutral
Strength 17 (+2 to hit, damage)
Intelligence 13 (+1 language)
Wisdom 10
Dexterity 9
Constitution 11
Charisma 15 (+1 react, 5 hirelings, 8 morale)

Elphy's adventuring career ended when he allowed himself to be the bait of 10-12 ghouls outside the treasure room of the Lost Mine's second level. This is the same exact place Tosh perished earlier, more or less, dying the same way, more or less.

Elphy didn't use his real name because:

  • 1. it was too long to say
  • 2. Most of those who asked wouldn't remember it anyway.
  • 3. It translates to an extemely long and boring and redundant string of words

Elphy typically shunned the company of other elves with their annoying introspective qualities, though he did not let this on to them.

Players didn't know:
Real name: El-Pharazon Elen Elfaron Elleth Ellon Elda Eldalie Eldameldo
In his heart of hearts, he felt a growing allegiance to the demi-humans of the trickster God who did not question his strange proclivities. The other adventurers had no idea that he had taken to laying down with Weevilla. He threatened her with many terrible deaths if she ever let on that this has transpired, which, apparently, was not necessary, since she was bitten to death by giant snakes.

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