One of the fundamental classes. Elven adventurers, after decades or even centuries of study, have learned to combine the deadly combat prowess of the Fighter with the occult knowledge of the Magic-User: an Elf is to be feared in swordplay or sorcery. In addition, an Elf has preternaturally keen senses, and is nearly as resilient as a Dwarf. The Elf's only drawback is that because even the lowliest Elf is as accomplished as many humans will ever be, he or she requires far more practical experience to improve his or her already-formidable skills.

In the Black Peaks

Elves in this region ultimately come from the realm of the Witch-Queen Ninde Nemacil, and (broadly speaking) are associated with Chaos and the Trickster.

In Glantri

There are no elven communities native to Glantri. Nonetheless, a handful have traveled there over the years to dabble in human sorceries. Some have settled in one principality or another; a few have even leveraged their magical talents to attain nobility or join the staff of the Great School of Magic.

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