This fortress, known to many as "the Keep on the Borderlands," guards the pass that connects the Ruined Vales to the rest of Glantri. Its small troop of soldiers conducts the occasional sortie against bandits and humanoid raiders, but its primary purpose is to patrol the pass to ensure that such foes do not enter Glantri proper, a task to which the keep's forces are not entirely sufficient.

Eastkeep's outer bailey contains a number of shops and residences, making the place as much a village as a fortress. Features include a merchant's guildhall, an inn and tavern (the Hero's Rest), the pawnshop of the retired adventurer Fredegar, and several small apartments that guests may rent out on a monthly basis.

Mercenaries come to the keep seeking employment, for there are many caravans traveling through the Ruined Vales, either to surviving Glantrian communities such as Flamberge or to the lands beyond. Adventurers also come here in search of treasure, both in the wrecked towers of wizarding houses and in the Caves of Chaos.

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