DX13D: Gruesome Hungers

This session was played on July 10, 2010 at DexCon 13, featuring Azoth of Arioch, Bhorneson, Lars, Wasp and an unnamed cleric.


When his fellow adventurers set off for Glantri City in hopes of getting to civilization before the snows set in, Azoth finds a few more warm bodies to dare a final trip into the Chateau d'Ambreville, including the young son of party member Bhorne. The group heads up to Ambreville beneath sheets of icy rain and enters the dungeons with the orcs' blessing.

The party takes a different tack this time, heading east and then south to bypass the Grand Stair. Finding their way down to the second level through a grand L-shaped room, they encounter a band of gnolls munching on bird-man corpses in the Aviary. Their skills prove sufficient to the task. The gnollish leader quaffs a potion of gaseous form to escape death; he and his followers retreat, leaving the adventurers with a magical mace and a good bit of gold, both in the form of coinage and crude jewelry.

Not to be cheated of the full fruits of their victory, the party sets off after the gnolls. Uncertain as to where the hyena-men have gone to ground, they kick in several doors and encounter several undead before finally cornering their targets. After putting up a brief resistance, the hyena-men surrender and give up their remaining wealth.

Emboldened, the adventurers continue their explorations, finding a number of curious features in the dungeon. One such feature, a seemingly impenetrable door, occupies them so thoroughly they don't notice a hideous many-tentacled worm sneak up behind them! The touch of the beast's tendrils quickly paralyzes everyone. It then swallows both Bhorneson and Wasp and waddles back to its lair to digest.

Fortunately, nothing else comes along for the next half-hour, after which the paralysis lifts from the bodies of the survivors. Unfortunately, the two who'd been eaten had been carrying almost all of the treasure, including the magic sword that Azoth had brought from the previous expedition. The priests made their way out of the dungeon alive, wiser but little the richer.

Losses & Loot
The party defeated a number of zombies and ghouls. They gathered a handful of gold and jewelry.

For creatures defeated and wealth acquired, each party member received ?xp.

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