DX13C: The Wight Stuff

This session was played on July 10, 2010 at DexCon 13, featuring Achak, Azoth, Benthi Malar, Bhorne, Mors, Ocath, Shanu Asten and Zen.


Yet another band of adventurers sets off for the Chateau in hopes of looting it before winter set in. Obtaining maps from adventurers met on the road, they negotiate with the orcs of the Burning Brand to enter the Chateau's dungeons with the blessing of the orcs' fire god, Ignis.

After meandering around the mapped portion of the uppermost dungeon level for an hour or so, the party decides to rest in the dungeon rather than accepting the orcs' offer of lodging. Making camp in a room with a shattered door, they set a pair of guards in the hall by a bonfire they've lit at the base of a stairway leading up into the castle. Predictably, this draws attention from the dungeon's denizens. The party weathers an attack by zombies easily enough, but a later assault by ghouls leaves most of the group incapacitated. The party has no choice but to return to the surface and rest for a couple of days under the watchful eyes of the orcs.

Re-entering the dungeon, the party encounters the Grand Stair. After prying out one of the glowstones illuminating the upper balcony, the party descends to the next level, where they meet a troop of zombie soldiers led by a powerful undead captain. The leader proves immune to harm from their weapons, forcing the party to rely on cunning. A noose thrown from the upper balcony snares the wight, who is then pushed out over the edge. The creature manages to grab hold of the banister! But Mors makes a daring leap from the upper balcony and lands on the wight, knocking it loose to plummet into the depths.

Then the drums begin to beat in the deep, and the party determines that escape might be best.

Losses & Loot
The party defeated a number of skeletons, zombies and ghouls, as well as an armored wight. They gathered several hundred gold coins and the wight's magic sword.

For creatures defeated and wealth acquired, each party member received 105xp.

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