DX13B: Circling The Chateau

This session was played on July 9, 2010 at DexCon 13, featuring Elene, Gwenthaniel, Jean-Paul, Kellen and X the Dwarf.


A group of adventurers gather at the Smoking Owl in Malinbois in hopes of finding treasure in Ambreville. Indeed, they have acquired maps purported to come from the famous adventuring band known as the Company of Crossed Swords!

Upon arriving at the Chateau, they fear that the dungeon will prove to be too much for them. Instead, they explore the cellars of the ruined watchtower near the Chateau, then move on to try their hand at the rubble of Ambreville town itself. There they find themselves caught on the road in the midst of a score of skeletons and zombies! Lacking a cleric's supernatural aid, they are forced to fight their way out, and they barely escape with their lives.

Losses & Loot
The party defeated a number of skeletons and zombies, but found no treasure of note.

For creatures defeated and wealth acquired, each party member received 65xp.

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