Barragin's Barrelmen, Dwarven Mercenaries

Barragin: male hero; one-armed dwarven leader of the mercenary company known as the Barrelmen, a leading contender for the prophesied role of the Axe of the Dwarven Lords
Kazarach: male swordsman; dwarf mercenary, Barragin's second-in-command and likely heir
Razagrab: male veteran; dwarf mercenary, responsible for drilling the rest of the 26 surviving dwarven men-at-arms

Barragin's mercenaries have been hired by the adventurers who later became known as Company of the Grey Cloaks to watch over the area that later became known as the Caves of the Conquered Dark.

Barragin paid Ontussa the Sphinx to answer the question "Who will be the Axe of the Dwarven Lords?" and received the answer "I cannot see, but it is someone who has been inside these caves." Barragin paid further to learn who was blocking Ontussa's divinations, and learned that it was the Queen Regent, whose son has not yet reached the age of rulership over the subterranean dwarves beneath Drum Coggo.

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