Deprecated Glantri Adventure Timeline

Big Picture - The adventurers are based in Eastkeep, also known as the Keep on the Borderlands, and have made many sojourns into the Caves of Chaos, occasionally running afoul of aristocratic Magic-Users. One of members is presently trying to run a mercenary company; another is promoting a cult based on a martyred companion-in-arms.

Year 208

May 28: Black Water, Clamdigger, Immortus, Morten and Pog first enter the cellars beneath the Ghost Tower of Inverness. They return to Malinbois with treasure and a goblin captive, Richard Bluelip.

May 29: Black Water, Clamdigger, Immortus and Pog return to the Ghost Tower, accompanied by their captive and a pair of hirelings, the apprentice thieves Chowder and Clamato. Morten refuses to accompany them out of disgust for their treatment of their prisoner. The party returns laden with casks of fine wine.

May 30: Black Water, Immortus and Pog return to the Ghost Tower, along with Hamish and their farmboy hireling Derek. Derek is killed and Pog lightly wounded.

June 1: Black Water, Hamish, Immortus and Pog make a fourth attempt upon the Ghost Tower's cellars. A mysterious acolyte named The Boss accompanies them. They meet the unbalanced young conjurer Rainier d'Ivernesse and his entourage on the road; The Boss is turned to stone. The party immediately returns home.

June 2: Black Water, Hamish, Immortus and Pog go back to the Tower, accompanied by the turncoat bandit Kwarash. Sadly, Immortus perishes as the group heads back to the surface, while Pog is gravely wounded.

June 4: The Torchbearers, a foreign adventuring party, arrives in Malinbois; they intend on sacking the ruins of Castle Amber, a far more infamous and disreputable ruin than the Ghost Tower. They report spotting a cluster of surprised-looking stone statues on the road to the south.

June 6: The Torchbearers return to Malinbois, having suffered heavy losses in the mausoleums of Castle Amber. They leave for Glantri City in hopes of raising their leader, the swordsman Fowler, from the dead.

June 9: Black Water, Kwarash and Pog recruit several new adventurers, some of them survivors or hangers-on of the Torchbearers: Brother Reddick, Dwalin, Oswald and Thurogood. The group enters the Ghost Tower's cellars, where Kwarash dies slaying a mighty goblin. The party accepts a wandering dwarf, Ulbrecht the Mad, to refill their ranks. Bandits looting the Ghost Tower drive the adventurers out.

June 10: Former party member Clamdigger cuts a deal with Black Water, Hamish and Pog to ambush some bandits on the river and split the profits. Black Water dies in the ambush, but his sleep spell quashes all resistance. The party makes a fine profit.

June 11: Colin joins the party. Together with Hamish and Pog, he recruits three hirelings and sets off into the Tower cellars. They meet and slay a huge ghoul, though all the hirelings die in the effort. The party makes off with a small fortune in gold, gems and magical items!

June 12-14: Hamish travels to Glantri City, where he hires an architect to build a temple to the Boss. He learns that Rainier d'Ivernesse has hired several men-at-arms to retake the Ghost Tower.

June 17: Hamish stops in Touraine, where he joins several other adventurers in exploring the ruined gatehouse at Highcliff. He converts the acolyte Lem to the worship of The Boss.

June 21-24: Hamish returns to Malinbois with Lem in tow. Larissa and Rama-Tut join the party. Worried that the return of Rainier d'Ivernesse will bring trouble, the party leaves Malinbois to seek their fortune elsewhere. After a few days' trek through the hills, they reach Eastkeep, a fortress built to ward off threats to New Averoigne and Touraine from the monsters at large in the Ruined Vales.

June 25: Hamish, Larissa, Pog and Rama-Tut enter the Caves of Chaos with four hirelings. Entering a cave, they meet stiff resistance from orcs. They kill several but lose a hireling, and retreat for fear of being overwhelmed. They make a small profit from the keep's bounty on humanoid ears.

June 27: Hamish asks Colin and Pog to convey a bag of gold to his workers in Malinbois, then joins Rama-Tut and Ulbrecht the Mad in exploring the swamp. They lose a hireling while killing a giant mutant lizard. Bringing back their trophy, they meet Havelock, a traveling friar of the mysterious Hooded One, who joins them with his bodyguards. They probe the swamp once again, slaying some giant toads, and camp near a large mound. As Lizardmen ambush them in the night, Havelock and his men turn against the party. Rama-Tut and Ulbrecht the Mad perish, but they take Havelock with them. Hamish and the hireling Bernard survive the ambush, gaining Havelock's considerable wealth and magic.

July 3: Colin and Pog return from Malinbois with news of the disappearance of The Boss. Colin persuades Hamish that The Boss must lie in the Caves of Chaos. They recruit several new party members — Arnhelm, Golkar the Stout, Kang, Koralie, Monterey Jack and Uda Grimwulde. The party heads to the Caves; en route, they fight giant green forest cats and avoid conflict with a pack of gnolls. Upon arrival, they hear from some kobolds about a group of wizards in one of the caves. Traveling there, our heroes kill two wizards and destroy several zombies, then retreat before the wizards can rally and send in reinforcements. They come away with some mysterious amulets and books of magic.

July 4: Hamish heads back to Malinbois to track down the whereabouts of the missing Boss.

July 5: Golkar the Stout, Kang and Uda Grimwulde obtain the services of the hirelings Emory and Francois, then venture into the Caves of Chaos in the company of a small horde of kobolds. Golkar and Kang perish in a battle with wizards and zombies, while the others return with spellbooks and treasure.

July 7: Uda Grimwulde and Francois decide to rob Bernard; they accompany him on the road to Glantri City with Emory and Larissa in tow. They get Bernard drunk during a picnic lunch, only to be ambushed by gnolls. Bernard and Larissa are slain.

July 8: Francois, Uda Grimwulde and their new companion Robert Hazart hire Javier and his men to seek out Quasqueton, the lost fortress of the mercenary brothers Roger and Zelig du Gare. When an encounter with poisonous flying centipedes leaves two men incapacitated, the party cuts their expedition short and returns to Eastkeep.

July 9: Francois establishes the Company of Crossed Swords.

July 10: Hamish the Dim returns to Eastkeep with Lem and a wagon containing the petrified form of the Boss and the weirdly cocooned bodies of those buried at the Boss's feet.

July 11: Hamish joins up with Boarface Bristlebrush, Clovis Asseghai, Era and Francois, who hire on Javier's men and a scout named Karl to tackle the wizards in the Caves of Chaos. There they capture a medusa and destroy an undead wizard; the latter slays both Clovis and Javier, but yields potent magical items. On their way out of the caves, they are confronted by the wizard Sebastien Quincarnon. They cut a deal allowing them to leave with their lives and gain information about the caves in exchange for returning the spellbooks they'd taken and a promise of secrecy.

July 13: Era, Francois, and Uda Grimwulde induct Arnhelm, Herve and Pog into the Company of Crossed Swords. Joined by Henri and Isaac, they enter Quasqueton, where they cut a deal with the fortress' remaining human guards to kill orcs on the second level in exchange for payment in gold. The party ravages the orcs and wins a modicum of treasure, much of it from Uda's cleverness. Arnhelm is a casualty.

July 14: Jamie Gregoire arrives at Eastkeep in search of Golkar; mistaking Pog for the other dwarf, he threatens to haul him off to Sablestone. The rest of the party visits Sebastien Quincarnon in the Caves of Chaos and trades half of their captured spellbooks for Golkar's body; Sebastien refuses to part with the promised information about treasure until the rest of the books are returned. Gregoire leaves with Golkar's corpse.

July 15: Era, Father Anglin, Francois, Herve, Isaac, Pimmel, Robert Hazart, Uda Grimwulde and Xaverian travel to the Caves of Chaos to complete their bargain with Sebastien Quincarnon. Our heroes foolishly entangle themselves with Sebastien's zombie guards, then stumble into a fight with a bugbear war party. Era and Uda perish.

July 17: Father Anglin, Father Mirot, Francois, Herve, Isaac, Pimmel, Robert Hazart and Xaverian return to the Caves of Chaos and attack a bugbear den. The battle goes poorly; the party slays the bugbear leader, but the deaths of Father Anglin, Francois and Xaverian force them to flee the surviving bugbears' wrath.

July 18: Three guards from Quasqueton come to Eastkeep to seek aid from the Company of Crossed Swords; the orcs have overrun their position and they need aid to retake the fortress. Colin, Cribbage Bok, Groomish, Guy, Henri, Herve and Pog take up the call. The party heads to Quasqueton and camps outside with the intention of ambushing orcs entering and leaving the complex.

July 20: Robert Hazart leads Isaac, Martin and Pimmel on an expedition to the hidden vault of the illusionist Hilduin.

July 21: The party at Quasqueton loses patience and enters the fortress. They slay the orc chieftain, though Herve and Groomish die in the process, and escape the fortress laden with loot.

July 22: The party who'd explored the Vault of Illusion (Isaac, Martin, Pimmel and Robert Hazart) lead several other adventurers (Erwan Roparzh, Mirot, Go-ak the Frumious, Hamish and Pony) on a second venture into the Vault. Go-ak dies, but the party successfully retrieves the Cube of Power. Meanwhile, the party at Quasqueton returns to Eastkeep with their treasure.

July 23-26: The Company of Crossed Swords travels to Glantri City to sell a swath of brass dragon hide from Quasqueton and to research the properties of the Cube of Power.

July 28-30: The party accepts a contract to purge a Chaos cult from the city's sewers. After an abortive thrust into the cult's lair liberates a pair of captives, Martin obtains the aid of his friend, the leech Voiron, to take the cult's leader by surprise. The party retrieves the cult leader's head and a cursed idol, which they give to the temple of Trianoma for a goodly reward.

April 1-7: The Company spends a week in Glantri City carousing away their funds.

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