Deities In The White Sandbox

Faith, Religion, and Divine Spells and Prayers

  • Clerics get their powers from devotion. There are as many different objects of this devotion as there are ways to conduct such worship.
  • Some clerics are rewarded for their devotion alone. The entities that grant such boons may withdraw them at any time, and sometimes do so to express displeasure with the cleric's behavior.
  • All clerics have been taught how to use prayers, which are spells that tap divine energies and manipulate them according to the specifications of the cleric rather than depending on the direct intervention of the gods.
  • Like magic-users, clerics can memorize prayers from a book or a scroll, up to the limit listed for their level. Memorized spells can be cast without any assistance from a divine power, and will function even if the cleric is entirely cut off from the gods or lapsed in his or her devotion.
  • Unlike magic-users, clerics can also choose not to memorize prayers. Instead, when they wish to cast a spell they can beseech the object of their devotion to grant them any prayer they have read in a book or scroll, learned from another cleric, or seen in action. Such prayers are usually instantaneously granted as long as the cleric is in good standing, but there is a risk that the deities will not desire or be able to fulfill the request. It is also possible that another entity may grant instantaneous prayers without the cleric necessarily being aware of the switch in the origin of the evoked power.

Major Temples

  • There are as many religions in the White Sandbox as we wish to create or import from other planes of existence. The following deities command the most impressive temples in the City State of the World Emperor, although this is no guarantee that these faiths are known or welcomed elsewhere.
  • The Forces of Law comprise Thoth, Zeph, and the Starlord.
  • The Elder Chaos is propitiated through obeisance to Ugtargt, the Tempter, and Tiphrodd.
  • Balance is advocated most strongly by the followers of the Hedonae, but also by Zeph and the Tempter.
Deity Represents Governs Favors Cosmic Affiliation Interest in Good and Evil
Thoth Knowledge Academies Spell-casters Law Mostly academic
the Starlord Light Guilds Builders Law Preaches tenets of good
Zeph Order Churches The divinely inspired Law Promotes principles of evil
the Tempter Underworld Delves The greedy and curious Chaos Cruel irony but no malice, bountiful reward but no benevolence
Ugtargt Sacrifice Cults Witches and kin Chaos May adopt trappings of evil to spread fear and confusion
Tiphrodd Antiquity Oracles Robots, ghosts Chaos Active doubt and questioning
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