The Republic of Darokin is a powerful, wealthy coastal nation to the south of Glantri, and some distance west of Specularum. It is a non-democratic republic, though some would call it a plutocracy; its two ruling bodies, the Outer and Inner Councils, are staffed by representatives chosen by the country's merchant guilds and city-states respectively. Representatives are elected by popular vote, but hefty poll taxes ensure that only the very wealthy can participate in the process.

Less than a century ago, Darokin was a loose coalition of fractious mercantile city-states. The country only came together as a nation to face the pressures of competition from Glantri and other local powers. Now, Darokin is an aggressive force on both economic and military fronts, with a sizable presence in the border territories annexed from Glantri a generation ago.

Notable merchant houses include Adiun, Frange, Harenbil and Umbarth.

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