D P 7

One of the longest-running New Universe titles, D.P. 7 was created by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Ryan, who worked on the series for the entirety of its 32-issue run.

D.P. 7 tells the story of seven "displaced paranormals," ordinary people who gained freakish superhuman powers in the wake of the inexplicable White Event. Cast out of society, the protagonists struggle desperately to survive.

In the earliest issues, the protagonists meet at a group therapy session at a Wisconsin medical clinic. When they realize the Clinic has sinister plans for them, they vamoose - pursued by its merciless bounty hunters. The first twelve issues of the series follow the protagonists on a Midwestern road trip as they try to salvage what's left of their lives, come to terms with their bewildering new powers, and escape the net tightening all around them.

In later issues of the series, the lead characters end up taking over the Clinic and trying to help their peers adapt to their strange new lives.

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