"Cut" Coutelain
Player Charlatan
Class Halfling 8
Title Sherriff
Alignment Neutral
Strength 14 (+1 to hit, damage, open doors)
Intelligence 9 (read and write native languages)
Wisdom 10 (+0 to saving throws vs. magic)
Dexterity 18 (+3 on "to hit" rolls; +2 to initiative; +3 bonus to armor class)
Constitution 14 (+1 hit points per die)
Charisma 7 (-1 reaction adjustment; max. 3 retainers; 6 morale)
Armor Class 0 (plate, dex)
Hit Points 43 (7,14,16,19, 25, 31, 32, 43)
Special Ability
Burrow Boxer: Dodge Big 'Uns effective against Man-size creatures and larger when not using a shield
Strong Left: Can forego the to-hit bonus from dual wielding to make an attack with off-hand weapon on the same target.
Noteworthy Possessions
Fightin' Mask: A snug, two-tone leather hood that keeps his ears on and strikes fear into the hearts of his opponents; a specially trained war-pony (Tonnere), barding, saddle and bags, winter gear for pony and rider, a riding pony (Foudre) with saddle and tack, Sixty-Six Fangs, a dagger +1, a dagger with continual light, short sword +2 of invisibility, ring of free action, ring of fire resistance, ioun stone of protection +1, boots of striding and springing, bastard short sword of strength +2, gem of true seeing implanted in face, cat's eyes


A veteran burrow boxer, the diminutive lefty made a name for himself in the Glantri City underground with his willingness to fight not only Halflings, but Human challengers as well. Coutelain insists he was cheated of a victor's purse by Rusty Buckles's blessing of an opponent. And cheated of vengeance by Rusty's ill-timed death. Cut Coutelain has had it with Rusty Buckles.

For Cut, combat is a professional endeavor. He vigilantly trains for his next bout, setting up an assortment of dummies, quintains and heavy bags at the first opportunity in a new locale. Cut has two steeds that he refers to as "war ponies": Foudre, who is really just a riding pony, and Tonnere, who was actually trained for combat in the Shires.

Cut is funding the long process of building a fortified underground home under a hill near Malinbois; construction of "The Hole" is being planned and executed by Bendra Zakunden. In the meantime, Cut is living in an above-ground home near the site with Gildor and Blondie. This building is a 30'x30', two-story structure with a cellar and attic, reinforced doors and stone fixtures. It has an adjacent wooden stable with 8 large stalls, though two of them are occupied permanently by Tonnere and Foudre.

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