Cult Of The Boss

After the petrification of the mysterious figure known as The Boss, his fellow party members determined that his bizarre behavior and dramatic end smacked of the divine. Hamish the Dim, an acolyte of the Builder, shifted his worship to the Boss, and was soon rewarded with spells! Most of his companions proceeded to convert to the ways of the Boss, though no one is entirely sure what those ways are, as the new cult has no scriptures and little institutional memory (due to a high mortality rate). They proceeded to raise a small shrine around The Boss's petrified body and bury their dead at his feet.

Hamish's henchman Lem smuggled the statue of The Boss and the party's mysteriously-cocooned dead out of New Averoigne to avoid possible retribution from Rainier d'Ivernesse. Lem and Hamish have now keep both statue and bodies on a festive cart; they travel the area around Eastkeep, Glantri City and Malinbois, spreading their deity's mutable gospel.

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