Creating An Adventurer

In Prince Valiant, player-characters are called "adventurers." The designer, Greg Stafford, strongly recommends that if this your first time playing Prince Valiant, you should select one of the ready-made characters, rather than bog down reading several pages of rules.

Ready-Made Characters

The rules suggest that if this your first time, grab one of these characters and dive right in, rather than mucking around making new knights.
Sir Perseus
Sir Berel
Sir Hewgon
Sir Driant

Basic Character Creation

Once you've got the hang of the game, the Prince Valiant Basic Rules walk you through creating a knight, a very common type of adventurer. Your knight will fit on an index card.

  1. Write down your adventurer's name.
  2. Write down your own name as player.
  3. Write down your adventurer's occupation (i.e., "knight")
  4. Write down your adventurer's current fame (800 for knights just starting out)
  5. Write down a brief description of your adventurer.'
  6. Assign 7 points between your adventurer's Brawn and Presence attributes.
  7. Assign 9 points between six or more skills (knights must begin with at least 1 point in Arms and 1 point in Riding)
  8. Draw your adventurer's coat of arms
  9. Write down your adventurer's current possessions (for knights starting out: horse, sword, lance, dagger, medium armor, finery, and 5 gold coins)

Here is the list of skills in the basic version of the rules, appropriate for knights:

Archery Arms* Battle
Brawling Courtesy Dexterity
Fellowship Glamor Healing
Hunting Jousting Oratory
  • = Knights must have at least 1 skill in each of Arms and Riding

Advanced Character Creation

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