The city can be smelled before it can be seen. It reeks of tanneries and refineries and slaughterhouses, of urine and sewage baking in the sun.

It’s a much larger city than any in Glantri. It sprawls below the jagged heights of the Broken Lands, its outer walls carbuncled with dozens of towers. Thin threads of smoke rise from thousands of hearths, ovens and forges. Where the river Streel passes through the city, low walls separate the city from the countless docks and wharves that jut out into the water. Each merchant vessel flies the flag of one of Darokin’s merchant houses.

Forts dot the river upstream of the city. Cavalry patrols are constantly in evidence, riding back and forth across the edge of the Broken Lands to watch for brigands and humanoid raiders.

A Darokinese city near the border of the Broken Lands. Corunglain is, like many border towns, a center for trades of the more- and less-legal varieties. It was once a hub for the conduct of goods between Glantri and Darokin, but the military tension between the two states has eroded the position of such business.

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