Company of Crossed Swords Bucket List

Bold plans and idle musings as might be bandied while resting around a campfire, deep in ones cups, or gazing wistfully into the night sky…


  • Extract the fancy statue from Quasqueton
  • Explore all the towers of the Chateau
  • Fight the classic dungeon monsters. Now fought: basilisk, harpies, displacer beast.


  • Open a goblin orphanage
  • Reclaim Ravaroth's tower in the name of House Hazart


  • Convert Mazenod's Watch into a temple of the Boss


  • Build and use the Fantabulous Contrapulator upon the fallen stone under Mazenod's Watch


  • Convince her mother of newfound responsibility and maturity
  • Find some balance between past and future selves

+++ Hop-Frog
* Protect the magic-users the best he can and have a new family


  • See the ocean

Louis Lamont

  • Participate in an adventure
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