Commander Kodiak

Andrew MacArthur is a super villain whose technological armor enables him to mind-control bears - and also, to transform humans into bears (who can then be mind-controlled). His armor grants him super human strength and protection from bullets (and bees). The illustration features his shoulder-mounted bear-virus projectors.

Commander Kodiak claims to believe that the greatest humans of legend, from King Arthur (whose name derives from the Welsh word for bear) to Beowulf (literally bee-wolf, a kenning for bear) were actually mystical bear-kings. This allegedly includes historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill. His worship of the bear-spirit inspires him to commit crimes whereby bears can once more rule over men, and thereby usher in a millenial Age of Ursus.

Commander Kodiak has worked with Ursa Negra, and has mentioned allies Siberiax and Dwarf Panda.

In SS01: "When Calls the Kodiak!", Commander Kodiak's plans to wreak havoc at the Bronx Zoo were foiled by the Chrononaut and the Green Mantis. He was taken into custody. Stripped of his armor, he was incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

In SS08: "Where the Mantis Rides, He Rides … Alone!" Ursa Negra attempted to break Kodiak out of custody, but her plans were foiled by the Green Mantis!

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