One of the seven fundamental classes, blessed warriors who channel holy power directly from the divine. Not just any priest or prefect can expect to wield the powers of a true Cleric. Rather, already possessed of unusual purity of faith and martial skill, Clerics receive a special calling to be a direct instrument of their god. Even so chosen, Clerics must undergo a time of testing themselves against the dangers of the world, proving their ability to survive solely by their wits and strength before they are entrusted with the rites of holy magic.

In the Black Peaks

Clerics must be either Lawful or Chaotic; there are no Neutral Clerics. Lawful Clerics are associated with the Great Builder, and typically know the "regular" versions of spells, such as remove fear or raise dead, using the blasphemous "reversed" versions only in the most dire emergencies. Chaotic Clerics are associated with the Trickster, and usually know the "reversed" versions of spells, such as cause fear or finger of death; using the "regular" version of the spells is only for co-religionists.

The Lawful Cleric typically wields a warhammer; the Chaotic Cleric usually wields a mace.

In Glantri

Clerics are rare in Glantri. The practice of priestly magic has been forbidden by the Princes, on pain of death, since time immemorial. Only those with a warrant from a Prince may call upon divine miracles without penalty. However, in the wake of the devastation of the Glantrian civil war, such warrants are more easily acquired than ever before, as the Princes of the afflicted provinces accept any aid in protecting their people.

Such clerics as can be found in Glantri worship a variety of gods. Most clerics of Lawful follow Trianoma or the Great Builder, while Chaotic clerics follow a variety of Chaos gods, or even the dreaded Great Old Ones.


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