Clairasyl the Smooth and Lonesome
Player Adrian
Class Elf
Title Veteran-Medium
Alignment Lawful
Special Infravision, Spells, Immune to Ghouls, Spot
Strength 7 (-1 to hit, damage)
Intelligence 16 (speaks Common, Elven, Goblin, Giant, Chaotic, Dragon, Dwarfish)
Wisdom 10
Dexterity 11
Constitution 12
Charisma 11 (4 henchmen, morale 7)
Armor Class 2
Hit Points 6
Points 30
Gold 93

Kin to Belrain the Sword-Singer and Oxyclean the Veteran-Medium.

Clairasyl is loyal to Belrain's cause. He understands the precociousness of gnat-lived humans but only tolerates it to a certain extent. He mourns the death of his brother, Oxyclean, whose blood and viscera were drunk by a flock of demon birds during the assault on Bargle's castle. Clairasyl believes that he masterminded the attack.

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