Chateau To Do List

This page is for people to list the parts of the Chateau that we still need to do stuff in or to mention places still unexplored.


  • Repair the gatehouse and broken walls (F3 I2 H7 H2)
  • I think we already explored Tower of the Eye? (B6)
  • Figure out what's up with JonDane in Onesiphore's Tower (C7)
  • Fang's Flame (DE5)
  • Raven, Night Eye
  • Clean up the graveyard or something? (off map)
  • The Dragon Tower—it has a dragon under it! (E8)
  • Investigate the grove and that space horse unicorn (off map)
  • Communicate with fire elemental in Flame Tower in some way, as it seemed non-hostile last time we encountered it

Level One

  • Marsile the Lich (H3)
  • That huge staircase down to god knows how deep (F8)

Level Two

  • Mysterious stairway from the 3rd Level (G5)
  • Mysterious stairway from the 3rd Level (D4)
  • The room full of 'regret' that the goblins told us never to open (C6)

Level Three

  • Unexplored Hallway (C3)
  • There's one door we keep passing in that horse-shoe we always go through (H7)
  • There are two unexplored doors near the Wizard Goblins (C6)
  • Mysterious stairway from the 2rd Level (D6)

Level Four

  • Many unexplored halls
  • Stairs down from 3 (G3)
  • Caves full of bugs (E7)
  • Finish off Lee-Fang. (???)
  • Gargoyle Lair, and a whole lot more (CD123)
  • The "Danger" room (C5)

Level Five

  • The Grand Stairs (F6)
  • The Lift (E4)
  • Many stairs (C3 D2 D3 D4 D5 F7 J4 J5)
  • The god-awful specter room (K4)
  • Rescue the Unicorn and cool-ass bird prince from The Menagerie (I6)

Level Six+

  • The Su are around here somewhere? We still need to rescue the other planar dwarves and Evangelista.

Especially pressing or interesting destinations should be bolded by whoever's interested in them. Add anything you find interesting to this!

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