Chateau Level One

A compilation of the maps-to-date of the first level of the Chateau's dungeons


Ch√Ęteau D'Ambreville (1-2-3-4-5-6-7)

Older Maps

Compilation of several disparate maps. Due to inattention, differing map scales, bad luck, etc., there are numerous small discrepancies, as well as a major one: the gallery just off the 'Serpent's Tower' cannot be that close to the Grand Stair.

These maps make sense if you put them together with the map of the Chateau towers. We have three anchors - the Serpent's Tower, Vertume's Tower (at the bottom), and Cezarine's Tower (to the right).


EDIT: A few additional updates to NS's map


The Alienor's Tower entrance


My first map of the 1st floor

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